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Nigeria: Boko Haram in Talks with Gov’t, New Leadership Frowns on Group’s Tactics

Boko Haram leadership with Pres Johnathan

Pres Johnathan & VP with Boko Haram Amnesty Committee

New leaders of Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group that had reigned terror in Africa’s most populous country has entered talks with the Nigerian government. Representatives of the group’s leadership met with officials of the Nigerian government in Abuja, the Nigerian Capital. The terrorist group’s leadership representatives told Nigerian officials they frown on the tactics of  used by the organization under the leadership of Sheikh Abubakar Shekau.

Boko Haram’s spiritual leader, Liman Ibrahim, according to  the ‘News Express’, said in during their meeting that the teaching of their former leader,Shekau was no longer their leader and his teachings “was becoming increasingly harsh and became to depart from the Holy Qu’ran.”

“It was harsh, harsh, harsh, Iman Liman quoted to had said  when explaining the change in leadership of Boko Haram, the “News Express” reported. “The beheading, the killings, the recent death of students … this is not the way of the Holy Qu’ran. We could tolerate it no longer”, the spiritual leader said.

It quoted Imam Liman Ibrahim, the spiritual leader of Boko Haram, as explaining that the teaching of Shekau was becoming increasingly harsh and began to depart from the Holy Qu’ran. “It was harsh, harsh, harsh,” Imam Liman was quoted as saying when explaining the reasons for the change of leadership. “The beheadings, the killings, the recent death of students … this is not the way of the Holy Qu’ran. We could tolerate it no longer.”

In response, the ousted Boko Haram leader, Shekau said in a video released in  July , refuted the ceasefire agreement negotiated  and declared on June 26 by the moderate wing of  the organization. The terrorist group said they opted “to embrace peace because the Qu’ran teaches Muslims to seek peace”.

Boko Haram has launched a violent campaign in Nigeria since 2009 to make the country an Islamic nation and declare Sharia law even though Nigeria is a mixed religious country with Christian predominantly in the south and Muslims in the north. Their violent  campaign  to has led to the dearth of over 4,000 people since its inception. The Nigerian government in recent months has waged a fierce attack on the terrorist group, paralyzing and weakening it, something which is believed to be the driving force to the group embracing peace.


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