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British Government Bars Kelly Clarkson’s Engagement Ring from Leaving the Country

kelly clarksonThe British  Culture Minister Ed Vaizey ,has put a temporary export band the American Singer Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring bought at auction last September from leaving the country. The 2002 American Idol winner hopes to have her engagement ring might be a fairy tale that is mixed  and caught up between an entire country’s pride and culture something she never saw adrift when he won the bid at auction last year.

Kelly Clarkson is being stopped by the British government  from taking the rare turquoise  and gold ring once belonging to Jane Austen, English most celebrated literature authors who lived most of her life in Hampshire from 1775 – 1817. Th American singer bought the ring at £152,450 (233,050.32 USD).

Culture Minister  Vaizey said the temporary band on the export of the ring by singer Clarkson will be imposed u to September, calling on British public and private buyers to come forward and buy the jewelry, emphasizing the deadline could be stretched to December 30 if there is evidence that “a serious intention to raise funds” to buy the ring at the matching price the singer bought it.

Jane Austen ring

“Emphasizing, the Culture Minister further said, Jane Austen’s modest lifestyle and her early death mean that objects associated with her of any kind are extremely rare, so I hope that a UK buyer comes forward so this simple but elegant ring can be saved for the nation”.

The ring  has been in the family since it was first passed first to Cassandra, Jean’s sister who then gave it to her sister-in-law Eleanor Austen on her engagement to Jane and Cassandra’s brother, the Reverend Henry Thomas Austen.

Culture Minister Vaizey says he wants to the   “national treasure” to be “saved for the nation”.

The latest ban is among the four “national treasures” the British government imposed, along with Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s famous Bentley Blower super-charged racing car could be exported if no UK buyer comes forward to match an offer of more than £5m (7,643,500.00 USD) made by an overseas buyer.

Other items  includes  an archive of letters from General Wolfe and a collection of material that documents the Gregory Expedition to Northern Australia in the mid-1850s.

The iconic jewelry is said to be the American singer’s engagement ring.


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