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Vows to Return: Indicted U S Air Force Pilot Maj Ellen Cockrum Fights Back, Opens Pandora’s Box, Liberia’s Defense Min Implicated


What the Liberian government had effected as a  corruption case against a United States Air Force fighter pilot, Major Ellen Kwame Cockrum and former Managing Director of the Airport Authority  of Liberia and others, until last night has shifted into a much damming scandal which has opened a Pandora box beyond normal human imagination and embarrasing to the entire government.

Major Ellen Cockrum,  a Liberian who went  to Liberia and took over as Managing Director of the country’s international airport (Robert s International Airport) has been accused of economic crime, theft of property, and corruption  by the Liberian government and is being pursued to face justice in Liberia.

The Liberian government through the Justice Ministry announced an unsealed indictment against Major Cockrum and said the government was effecting extradition against her from the United States where she resides presently after leaving the country to face prosecution.

Months after the Liberian government through the Justice Ministry revealed it would  seek to extradite Major Cockrum to Liberia to face prosecution, acted on that pronouncement by unsealing indictment few days ago.

But After being silenced for months since the issuance of  the indictment against her, Major Ellen Cockrum has come fighting back opening can of worms, exposing what is shaping up to be a mafia-style cartel entrenched in the fabric of the Liberian government. Ms Cockrum last evening took to the air waves and released recordings bearing the voice of the Minister of Defense of Liberia,  Brownie Samukai where he exposed a secret plot he revealed to the Major aimed to blackmail and murder the United States Major. In the recordings, Minister Samukai said the Minister of Finance,  Amara Konneh, Chairman of the Board of the Roberts International Airport,, Musa Bility, and Judy Moore of the Executive Mansion cooked up a plot to get her out the way to path the way for a $130 million contract on the way between the airport and a foreign company. The Defense  Minister in the recordings revealed the major proponents wanted her out because they believed she would be a threat to them securing their personal interest during the negotiation of the contract. Ms Cockrum during the interaction with the Defense Minister said she only heard about the purported contract t be in the tune of $30 million, meaning that the three government officials including the Finance Minster were planning to defraud the Liberian government and people of $100 million.

Click for full recording of Defense Samukai 

Defense Minister Samukai told Ms. Cockrum from his own investigation and what the airport Board Chairman Musa Bility told him, he can vet for her any day to the end and can attest she was no way involved in squandering money at the airport but was being framed to get her out of the way.


But just as Ms Cockrum and Melvin Johnson could go any deeper into the show hosted by RadioLib in the United States and beamed live into Liberia, , Minister Samukai called into the show and confirmed the voice on the recordings was his voice but was not aware that he was recorded by Ms Cockrum.  The Minister further asserted that all he told Ms Cockrum was his personal opinion given to a friend and it was no way a position of government.

The US Major vowed to return to Liberia because Liberia is her home and no one can run her away from her country but until an improvement in governance  because as the country stands, there is no justice system in Liberia that could dispense justice.  Major Cockrum vowed to release more recordings implicating from the least to the highest in government caught in corrupt practices if the government does not put its act together.

Ms. Cockrum up to taking the air wave, she or her lawyer  have not received any communication, letter, and let say the indictment the Liberian government said it issued against her but only learned about said indictment in the press as all other Liberians heard about the indictment. Air Force pilot Cockrum  said she is not in hiding and the Liberian government knows where to find her in the United States as well as how to get in touch with her lawyer if they had any case against her. She said she is still an active pilot in the United State Air Force and enjoys the confidence of the Air force.



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