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Liberia: The Die is Cast, Mayor Mary Broh to Enter Montserrado 2014 Senate Race


Barely a week after football icon and Peace Ambassador, George Weah, leader of Liberia’s leading opposition party announced in the United States last weekend at his party’s United States chapter leadership conference that he will run for Senate for  Montserrado County,   Mayor Mary Broh, City Mayor of Monrovia, Capitol of Liberia is to shortly   her intention  also to run for the Montserrado County Senate seat in 2014.

According to a highly placed source from the Executive Mansion in Liberia, the tough City Mayor will run on the ruling Unity Party’s ticket t and is confident that with her track record of work performance  and results  oriented codified in fortitude and the firm stewardship she carried to every task she was assigned, she will defeat the opposition leader.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has withdrawn the nomination of City Mayor Mary Broh from the Senate to allow  and give her ample time to begin her campaign work, a source at the Mansion said. The City Mayor anticipated declaration will bring to three candidates who are to run for the Montserrado County Senate seat which is up for grasp next  November  currently occupied by Senator Joyce Musu from the opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change, the leading opposition party in Liberia.

The City Mayor was re-appointed recently and sent to another agency within the government but re-called few months after leaving back  to Monrovia City Hall.

Mayor Broh is regarded as controversial but admired by foes and friends alike for productivity, efficiency, and result oriented wherever  she was sent and is credited for fixing up a once messy passport process within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a model put in place which has earned admiration. At the Monrovia City Hall, the controversial Mayor also brought those virtues she exhibited at the Foreign Ministry and has kept the city clean , an insignia  none of her  post-war predecessors or successor have  distinguished and or replicated.

The candidacies of Mayor Broh and the Liberian opposition leader will make the Montserrado Senate race an interesting and exciting as well as the most expensive and it could be the ‘crossing the Rubicon’, where  it will be the beginning of the  political career of   city Mayor Broh who will be facing elections for the first time or the end of the political career of the opposition leader, George Weah who participated in two failed Presidential and Vice Presidential races in 2005 and 2011 respectively. If the opposition leader loses his Senatorial bid, he would be taking to the bank three bounced checks that return for insufficient funds, consequently, becoming an electoral liability in  2017 Presidential elections.

Peace Ambassador Weah has taken a gamble of his political career which  he can not retract because doing so could show weakness, fear, and vulnerability where as seeing his Senatorial bid to the finish is a calculation that could potentially retire him from politics because he will have no leverage and momentum to steer his Presidential ambition in 2017.

“Mary Broh is a hard working resulted oriented woman and who has character and temperament problem but we ca rather live with her as Senator for Montserrado than all the candidate who have announced their intention thus far including the sitting Senator because she will bring result to the Senate a virtue which has been missing in the two post-war 52nd and 53rd Senate respectively”, a political observer hinted.

The Monrovia City Mayor herself make  no shy about her character in an interview with the Sting Communication sometime ago when she said, ” people don’t know that there is a soft side despite the tough and impenetrable exterior”. Speaking on her signature performance at the Foreign Ministry, Mayor Broh said “I’m most proud of my time as Director of Passport Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That job enabled me to reach out far and wide to all Liberians in every part of the world (Diaspora) to provide them with a very essential national document, their passport. To be effective leader, you have to be a good listener, observer and implementer. You have to listen carefully, analyze and implement’.

“I won’t change anything. I won’t do anything different because what I do now is to impact the lives of people and if I had to, I would replicate my challenges because all I’ve done is from the heart. You know, if I wasn’t in government, I would be a missionary helping people, making them happy”, Mayor Broh asserted in response to the query whether there is something  she wish she cold change and do it differently.


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