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Liberia’s Former A G, John Morlu Addresses 2nd Annual Convention of Assoc. of Liberia Former Law Enforcement Officers


Mr. John Morlu
Managing Partner, J S Morlu

The former Auditor General of Liberia and Managing Partner of J S Morlu (Certified Public Accountant Firm in USA), John Sembe Morlu, II will on August 31, 2013 address the  2nd Annual Convention of the Association of Former  Liberia Law Enforcement Officers in the city of Philadelphia, the  United States.

A release from the Association signed by its President, Melvin V. Dahn, says Mr Morlu has been invited to serve as ‘Keynote Speaker’  of their Annual Convention on the basis of  being “one of  Liberia’s finest and respected politician and highly regarded in their country and international community”. The release further said the Association will be honored by the presence of the  former Liberia Auditor General at their convention. “We will be delighted to hear your experience and professional views as former Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia”, the release noted.


Mr. Marvin V. Dahn
AFFLEO President

The theme of the 2nd Annual Convention of the Association, according to the official calendar  of event released, is “Leaving Legacy and Security in Liberia” and the three day celebration kicks off on Friday, August  30th and  runs to the 1st of September.

According  to the Association,  the institution is a forum  to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and interactions among its members and other organizations in the US/Canada for the purposes of enhancing the development and education of Law-enforcement in Liberia;

To  uphold the honour of the law-enforcement profession, promote and advance the social, wellness and economic welfare of their members and associates and  generate public and political interest on vital importance of law-enforcement work in their country (Liberia).

The Association is further committed to being instrumental in forging a national coalition of major Liberian Law-enforcement agencies (the “Big 4”) in and the  ability  of the organization to contribute to the development of their country and being  proud of its past records and  members, while taking their motto very seriously, the release added.

The Association of Former  Liberia Law Enforcement Officers objectives according the organization are rested on five basic pillars, among which are as follows;

  1. To promote the unity and economic well being of all former Liberian Law-enforcement officers in the Diaspora and living in Liberia.
  2. AFLLEO shall serve as a common forum for all former officers of Liberia in the Diaspora and living in Liberia Regardless of gender, age and status.
  3. To undertake and execute charitable tasks for the benefit of our dear country Liberia.
  4. To cooperate with partners, countries and other organizations in promoting the image of Liberia and Law-enforcement in Liberia
  5. AFLLEO shall promote the socio-cultural values of the people of Liberia and various Law-enforcement agencies in Liberia.

The Association’s release concludes by expressing their appreciation for the Liberia former Auditor accepting to speak at their 2nd Annual Convention.


August 31st, 2013 Convention

Let’s celebrate the 2nd annual convention and festival of the Association of Former Liberia Law-Enforcements Officers starting August 30th to Sept. 1st   2013.

Friday August 30th 2013:

Meet and greet 1900hrs to 2330hrs at Sam Coleman lounge, 7610 Chelwynde AVE PA 19153.

Saturday August 31st 2013:

Business meeting (breakfast, free) 0900-1100hrs

1130 hrs 1400hrs Empowerment lecture by Former police director Charles E King

2000hrs to 0200hrs dinner and ball all at the Mount Zion United Methodist church 921 Main Street Darby, PA 19023.

Sunday September 1st 2013:

Cook out and farewell in a park at the intersection Buist Ave and Dick Ave 1400hrs-2000krs


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