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Liberia: In Defense of Jailed Editor, Former Auditor General Morlu Says, “Let them Take on me” not the Press


As jailed Liberian Editor, Rodney Sieh imprisonment enters the second week and hospitalized at the John F Kennedy Hospital, the former Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu has come in defense of the editor and the press. Speaking  on a local Liberian radio station, Radio Varitas yesterday from the United States where he resides, the former Auditor General told his compatriots that it was he  as head of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) who raised the alarm on former Agriculture Minister Chris Toe’s conduct based on the audit he conducted commissioned by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf after she received a whistle-blower’s report from a Deputy at the Agriculture ministry complaining of then Minster Toe’s misappropriation and corruption.

“I authored the audit report based on which the media, including Frontpage Africa published their stories about Mr. Toe’s acts of corruption while serving as Agriculture Minister”,  former Auditor General Morlu told listeners.

The  former Auditor General said he has abundant evidence to prove that the former Agriculture minister was engaged in financial impropriety and corruption, noting, “Without executive and jury compromise, Dr. Toe can never walk a free man in any court of competent jurisdiction”.

“Let them take on me if they really mean business”,  the former Auditing boss emphasized after he was asked whether he was not afraid of being Toe’s next target for a libel action. “They know me, and they will never try it”,

The former Liberian Auditor General was speaking on the libel judgement brought against a Liberian editor, Rodney Sieh for carrying the audit report  in his newspaper , FrontpageAfrica released under his guidance which found the former Agriculture Minister Chris Toe of misappropriation and corruption.

Dr Chris Toe , a former Strayer University President who reigned his post to serve as Agriculture Minister in his native country, Liberia filed a US$ 2 million dollars  libel lawsuit against the FrontpageAfrica carrying the audit report in its publication.

The Civil Law Court  awarded Dr Toe US$1.5 million instead but the editor and the FrontpageAfrica maintain they did nothing wrong and do not have the money. The FrontpageAfrica’s Editor was sent to prison and the paper shutdown.

Dr Chris Toe also convened a press  conference yesterday and told the press he was ready to reconcile but it is difficult if the other is adamant to conform to the stipulations and conditions under which he can withdraw his libel judgement.

Minister Toe maintains his innocence and acknowledged  the Guthrie plantation audit report which indicted and instructed him to make a restitution of over US$4 million to the Liberian government, noting the audit  was wholly unprofessional and a rush to judgement,

Click link below ; 

depth of Dr Toe’s corruption in GAC Guthrie Rubber Planatation’s

Audit Report



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  1. If Molu wants to be taken on, he needs to be in Liberia. He should be sitting in luxerious restaurant enjoying himself and making noise. If only the lantern could see under itself, I am sure Molu would be no different from Dr. Toe.


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