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Liberia: Former Auditor General Detests Pres Sirleaf’s Re-cycling of Corrupt Officials

ellen &morlu Rodney Sieh has been in prison since August 21, 2013. We are approaching his one-month anniversary for being sentenced to spend 5,000 years in prison, all because FrontPageAfrica exposed the corrupt practices of former Agriculture Minister, Dr. J. Chris Toe. Dr. Toe only defense has been that he has not been indicted and prosecuted for corruption by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, an administration that gives him the opportunity to loot the state coffers. Instead of responding to the outcry to release Rodney D. Sieh because he has been wrongly found liable and sentenced to 5,000 years in prison, during the commissioning ceremony Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said her officials are victims, forgetting to know that the Liberian people are the true victims, not those who have taken the liberty to steal public monies.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has not only failed to prosecute corrupt officials implicated in GAC audits, LACC audits, Ministry of Justice investigations and the multitude of presidential commissions that have investigated graft, President Sirleaf has mastered the “technique” of firing people publicly to get international attention but she soon turned around and hired them when she thinks Liberians and international media have forgotten. Ellen Sirleaf has always managed to get attention for firing while at the same time getting these officials to remain her friend and in her Government, somehow, some way. For Liberians, including myself with expertise in forensic accounting and computer forensic, we have to keep an eye on Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s game playing.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Click to EnlargeSaturday, 7th September 2013, the Executive Mansion’s Press reported that President Sirleaf has made new appointments in Government. The Press Release is entitled, ” Officials Nominated to Investment and Elections Commissions, GSA, LRRRC, Ministries of Internal Affairs, Public Works, Justice & Grand Gedeh College Trustees. The initial Press Release published on the Executive Mansion website showed that under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  President Sirleaf nominated ” Pearine Davis-Parkinson – Ambassador – at – Large.” I was informed in advance that the President has nominated the dismissed GSA Director.

So I monitored the Executive Mansion website. As soon as the Press Release was posted on the Mansion Website I copied it and saved (see attached). I alert a closed ‘confidante’ of President Sirleaf and I said “this is just wrong.” I told the ‘confidante’ that we are fighting hard to get Rodney Sieh release from prison because Dr. Chris Toe claimed he was not prosecuted. It is likely the dismissed GSA Director too will sue FrontpageAfrica and other media because her appointment is a vindication. Dismissed Auditor General Robert Kilby will soon find himself in Government, threatening lawsuit since he too has not been indicted and prosecuted, for which the President called Conflict of Interest, a form of corruption prohibited by the LACC Act and Article  5 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia. Few hours later, the Press Release was taken down and modified, removing Pearine Davis-Parkinson – Ambassador – at – Large. This was clandestine, a consistent practice on the part of this administration.

The Executive Mansion has removed dismissed GSA boss, Pearine Davis-Parkinson from its website but she still has her appointment letter, the now infamous “Green Letter” from the President of Liberia. Even if the argument is the position will no longer be given to her, why in the first place the President nominated her after recent dismissal  for approving contracts involving Kilby in violation of Liberian law. What the Government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf fails to recognize, anything you put on the Internet can be retrieved so simply, even if one thinks it has been deleted. There are so many website that immediately tag and stored anything posted on the Website. Noodls.com is one such website. Below is the information retrieved to support the nomination of Pearine Davis-Parkinson.

“Officials Nominated to Investment and Elections Commissions, GSA, LRRRC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Internal Affairs, Public Works, Justice & Grand Gedeh College, Saturday, 7th September 2013. READ HERE The essence of leadership is “moral clarity on a big ticket item such as corruption, ‘the public enemy number one.” If the leader does not show moral clarity and set a clear tone at the top, the country or corruption goes down. “A presidency statement said Auditor-General Robert Kilby, who took office last year, was being dismissed for a clear conflict of interest due to his private business dealings.

Pearine Davis-Parkinson, director-general of the General Services Agency (GSA), was dismissed for approving contracts involving Kilby in violation of Liberian law.” Reuters, ‘President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf dismissed Liberia’s auditor-general and the head of the public procurement agency (GSA) on Monday in a crackdown on public sector corruption,’ DAKAR | Mon Jul 8, 2013 2:44pm EDT An Executive Mansion Release stated, ” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed the Auditor-General of the General Auditing Commission (GAC), Robert Kilby and the Director-General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Ms. Pearine Davis-Parkinson, for non-compliance with, or violation of, public financial management and procurement laws…President Sirleaf, in a brief nationwide address, said that after reviewing documentary evidence, “I am today formally requesting the concurrence of the Honorable Legislature to dismiss the Auditor General, Robert Kilby, for failure to disclose private business activities that represent a clear conflict of interest with his official duties as Head of the institution with prime responsibility to investigate and advise on non-compliance with our public financial management and procurement laws.”

President Sirleaf is communicating to the Legislature the causes of his dismissal shortly. “For the same reason, the Liberian leader said, she has dismissed the Director General of the GSA, Ms. Pearine Davis-Parkinson, who approved those contracts in violation of the country’s procurement laws and procedures,” Executive Mansion, ‘As President Sirleaf Intensifies Fight against Corruption, Five Dismissed, One Suspended’ – READ HERE “President Sirleaf concluded her unscheduled address to the nation with these words: ‘Join me in our continued fight against corruption.’ Liberians and international partners welcome the decisive decision to dismissed fraudsters Kilby and Davis-Parkinson but now with the secret nomination of Davis-Parkinson, it was usual practice of firing and recycling.

Again it will not be a surprise that Davis-Parkinson will soon file libel suit against papers who published her dismissal and reappointment story. Similarly, The Analyst reported, ” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has accepted the resignation of Mr. Francis Carbah from the position of Managing Director of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation for gross indiscretion in financial management,” ‘Liberia: NASSCORP Chief Quits – President Sirleaf Accepts Resignation,’ 20 Sept 2012.  Like Dr. J. Chris Toe, Francis Carbah was not indicted and prosecuted, he was “forced” to resign his post. Liberians and international partners hailed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. But as soon as the wind of praise has passed, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recycled Francis Carbah. Monday, 6th May 2013, in an Executive Mansion Press Release entitled, New Ministers of Internal Affairs and Labor, Human Rights Commission and NASSCORP Chairs among Officials Nominated to Government , President Sirleaf appointed Carbah-Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Housing Authority. Mr. Carbah is sitting comfortably at the Housing Authority, likely planning his own libel lawsuit against some media houses in Liberia. The recycling of corrupt officials and not prosecuting them have put the media and anti-corruption and anti-impunity professionals at an ever increasing rate of lawsuit.

In a secret recording in which the Liberia’s Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has admitted it is his voice and for which he has apologized to the President, Defense Minister Samukai said that President Sirleaf is in the constant habit of protecting corrupt officials. I would not agree more with my ‘Bolahun brother,’ Defense Minister Samukai. I rest and say to Mr. Rodney D. Sieh, it is a sad commentary that you have to be punished for doing the right thing–exposing corruption. While you are in jail serving 5,000 years, we are gathering steam and stimulus to keep a watchful eye on Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government recycling officials with no punishment for engaging in corruption.

Ellen is taking the Liberian people and the international community for a” sucker”. In 2010 President Sirleaf dismissed her entire Cabinet and go international attention and compliments but no sooner she reappointed nearly all of them. (CNN): “The Liberian President dismissed all but one of her Cabinet Ministers this week in a move she says will help give her administration a fresh start”. READ HERE (Reuters) : “Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf dismissed her cabinet on Wednesday in a move that will provide her a “fresh slate” for the next phase of her administration, her office said in a press release.” READ HERE News time Africa (NTA): “Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has made a decisive move to restructure her entire cabinet by relieving them of their respecting positions with immediate effect… statement also verified that President Johnson-Sirleaf told ministers she wanted the cabinet to resign because “this administration is entering into a critical stretch and this would afford her the opportunity to start with a fresh slate going forward”.  READ HERE AFP: “Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced Thursday she had fired all but one member of her cabinet, seeking a clean slate in government ahead of her re-election bid in 2011.” READ HERE


John S. Morlu, II

Washington DC Metro, USA


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