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New York Police & U N Grant Permits to Liberians for Mass Protest Against President Sirleaf


New  York police and the United Nations have granted permits to the Liberian Diaspora community in the United States to stage a  peaceful protest at the United Nations Headquarters in New York against President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. A release issued by the organizing groups of the protest, ‘Movement Against Corruption in Liberia (MOLAC) of Minnesota and CLACI of New  York the protest will be held on September 24, 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York when she attends the General Assembly of the United nations. According to MOLAC and CLACI, the mass protest against the Liberian leader is a ‘protest against corruption’ the culture of impunity and nepotism, vices which President Sirleaf have promulgated as pillars of her administration thereby inflicting untold sufferings on the Liberian people. T

he Coordinator of the Protest, Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa of MOLAC in Minnesota, speaking  in an interview  conducted by this outlet said, President Sirleaf has lost the moral relevance and legitimacy to govern the country, as Liberians see their country rapidly returning to the abyss, a sad past they don’t want visited on their country again.

Mrs Quiwonkpa said ‘President Sirleaf must go’-she must turn over power to Vice President Joseph  Boakai. According to Mr Quiwonkpa, other factors necessitating the protest include the failure to prosecute corrupt officials as indicted in many audit reports produced by General Audit Commission of Liberia, refusal to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC Report) , freeing of  the jailed Liberian Editor Rodney Sieh, the re-cycling of corrupt officials into government from one ministry and agency to the other,  re-negotiating of the illegal 66 contractual agreements with foreign companies, the awarding of the country’s newly discovered oil to foreign companies outside of the petroleum laws of the country which allot 30% share of every oil investment to the country but President Sirleaf  awarded without even securing 1% share for the country, and bad governance. Speaking further, the Coordinator of the protest said President Sirleaf has infested the  government with her children and relatives as well as friends many of whom who feel they are untouchables and roam  the country  in flashy cars and unimaginable wealth  while  Liberians suffer and go to bed hungry, a wealth they acquired at the expense of the Liberian people and have no trail of creating.

These vices, the Mrs Quiwonkpa said, have created a very deplorable situation in the  country despite the unprecedented outpouring of international aid to the country, a support over US$2 billion over the span of her administration to date but can not give account of and not seen reflected in the lives of the people and the development of the country.

The protest coordinator concluded, saying, the protest will bring together Liberians in mass from the fifty states of the United States to converge at the United nations headquarters to inform the world that the angel the international community has made President Sirleaf into is not what Liberians know of her but the mastermind of Liberia’s destruction  and is continuing the destruction of the country today but this time through a different means and not the former when she bought guns and gave war crime convict Charles Taylor ‘marching orders’ to burn down the  Executive Mansion’ (official office and residence of the Liberian President). The pending protest in New York will be the third of its kind  but this time the biggest and will be taken to President Ellen Johnson directly as in recent times her Vice President Joseph Boakai  got the first brunt in Philadelphia in June when protesters confronted him and her Finance Minister, Amara Konneh was also protested in Minnesota in July.


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