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Liberia: Ardent Supporter Writes President Sirleaf to Step Down




Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear President Johnson-Sirleaf,

Immediately after your initial inauguration of 2006 Liberians were hopeful and excited about the prospects your presidency held. Indeed Liberians had reasons to be HOPEFUL – you were heralded as an agent of CHANGE – one who had the total transformation of Liberia, for the better, at heart !

All the same you made several “iconic” pledges, during your inauguration, that gave Liberians the mindset that positive CHANGES were imminent. One of your cardinal pillars you announced was your DIFFERENT approach in regards to fighting corruption. It is apparent that our heralded “agent of change” performance has left MUCH to be desired. Monstrous FAILURES and ineptitude shall be your legacy.

Almost eight years on and sadly after yet another inauguration our country remains PARALYZED by corruption, allegations of corrupt acts and utter INCOMPETENCE. For reasons best known to you and your Justice Minister – dozens of GAC audit reports that recommended prosecution and further legal investigations remain shelved while the individuals mentioned in those reports walk scot-free denying the Liberian nation the JUSTICE it deserves.

Under your auspices poverty has RISEN despite your highly heralded PRS. Our national infrastructure is in a state of rapid decay despite the international goodwill. Youth unemployment is unimaginable and our healthcare system is near collapse. The LEAST said of our educational system will suffice ! Electricity is scant and portable water remains a “pipe dream” – literally!

Recently it took the voice of a FOREIGN NGO to expose the illegal sale of over a quarter of our nation’s land to unscrupulous investors under very dubious contracts. The laundry list of wrongs are as long as the eyes can see but it will suffice to say that your administration has been a near-total FAILURE and a disappointment to your many admirers.

In the interest of PEACE, stability and a better future for Liberia I will urge you and your entire government to IMMEDIATELY resign and turn over the running of the country to the Honourable Speaker of the Legislature who should supervise national elections in nine months.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Kofa Fyneah,
(your former supporter)





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