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Corruption Protesters Reject Bribe to Abort Protest: In Desperation, Liberian Gov’t Goes to Community, Churches and Dishes Out Money to Recruit Pro Corruption Protesters.



Today Liberians living in the United States are by this moment amassing on the United Nations Headquarters in New York to stage a peaceful protest of against corruption in their homeland and demand the resignation of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

But in desperate attempt to abort the protest which his proven fruitless, the Liberian government has fought hard to disparage protesters from moving forward with their plans by attempting to buyout the leaders of the protest.

According to the Communication Director of one the two umbrella organizations spearheading the protest, Mr Jerry Wion  of the Movement Against Corruption and Impunity disclosed on his Talk Show that the Liberian Ambassador to United States, Jeremiah Sulunteh flew to Minnesota two weekends ago with US$250,000.00 to meet Leaders of the protest as incentive to quell their planned demonstration against President Sirleaf but the leaders of the demonstrated refused to meet with him- telling it was the movement’s policy not to meet with any government officials until the protest was over.

Mr. Wion also revealed  that the Ambassador also dispatched other Embassy staff to other Liberian communities in the United States to meet others leaders of the protest to buy them out as well but their mission was also fruitless.

In a last minute attempt to counter the demonstration, the leaders of the protest said they got information from Staten Island, New York that the Liberian government was going to churches and in the community dishing out $50.00 a piece to Liberians to join in the government sponsored Pro-Corruption protest at the United nations Headquarter alongside the Corruption protest.

Another sympathizer of the corruption protest who on anonymity, said he got information that the Liberian government was also busing paid Pro-Corruption protester from the city of Philadelphia to go into New York to counter the corruption protest and the meeting was held in one of his friends house, called him to ascertain whether the information was credible, told him “he was supporting his President and not some rebel group”.


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