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Liberia: “April Fool in October”, Or?| As Ex-Rebel Leader/Sen. Prince Johnson Abandons His Party and Migrates to Country’s Leading Opposition CDC Party


Courtesy: The New Dawn

By: Edwin G. Genoway, Jr,

The former political leader of the National Union for Democratic Progress or NUDP, Senator Prince Y. Johnson has reportedly embarked on holding secret meetings with the Congress for Democratic Change to join the party and eventually deliver Nimba County to the CDC in 2017.

According to the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services or LISGIS, Nimba is the second largest populated county in Liberia next to Montserrado County.

Senator Johnson founded the National Union for Democratic Progress, which came third in the 2011 presidential election, but fell out with the NUDP and was subsequently dethroned as political leader at the Buchanan convention early this year.

He had earlier collaborated with George Weah’s CDC, but somersaulted during the second round of polling and gave support to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s governing Unity Party, describing Madam Sirleaf as “lesser of two evils.”

But like every smart politician would know, time and interest matter, and Johnson is trying to avenge for his removal as political leader by relooking to the CDC for a possible cross carpet to thwart all progress of the NUDP in Nimba.

This paper gathered that PYJ wants to prove to the NUDP that the people of Nimba County believe in him and will follow him in any direction.

Sources have confided in The NewDawn that surrogates of the CDC have been meeting with Senator Johnson at his PYJ Foundation School in Paynesville for a possible collaboration.

A source quoted Johnson in one of the meetings as saying the CDC shouldn’t worry as Nimbaians are his people and anything he tells them, they are willing to listen and follow.

The embattled NUDP founder is further quoted as saying he was doing all of this to prove to the party that he can take Nimba and give it to any other party as he did with the UP.

He has accordingly pleaded with the CDC to rally around him as he prepares for reelection in the senate next year.

Meanwhile, Senator Johnson could not confirm or deny this latest information when he was contacted via mobile.

“I don’t want to be in the press business again; I have a spokesperson who can do all of the talking so go to the spokesperson.”

When asked to give the name of the spokesperson, the Nimba County lawmaker quickly turned off his phone and refused to take further calls.

But the newly elected Chairman of the NUDP, Victor Barney, said as far as the party was concern, Nimba County remains a very stronghold and Senator Johnson can do nothing to stop it.

Barney told The NewDawn via mobile that the NUDP did not boot out the former political leader as he was claiming.

“The party only follow its rules and regulations; we didn’t witch-hunt him or any other person. We [Nimbaians] still regard him as Senator of the County; that’s why we inform him about activities of the County.”

He insisted that the Senator himself resigned from the party. “No one kicked him out of the party; he himself resigned,” he explained.

Barney noted that the NUDP has seven lawmakers from seven different districts, who have their own followers that Johnson has nothing to do with. He said all NUDP lawmakers are still loyal to the party, unlike Prince Johnson.

At the same, the Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change Nathaniel McGill could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was switched off, but Vice Chairman Mulbah Morlu, said if the party receives such information; it will be taken to executive meeting before issuing an official statement.

However, CDC Youth League Chairman, Jefferson Koijii described news of an ongoing meeting with Senator Johnson as unfounded, adding, that the CDC has no surrogates. Koijii said if Senator Johnson and other Liberians want to join the CDC they are welcome because the party is open to every Liberian.


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