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Liberia: Opposition Party (Liberty Party)Refutes Being a “Regime Collaborator”





OCTOBER 1, 2013

John Morlu attributed several statements to the former Standard Bearer of LP stating the Standard Bearer asked both President Ellen Johnson LP01Sirleaf and VP Joseph Boakai not to run in 2011 or retire. John Morlu failed to realize two things. The year 2011 was a presidential campaign year and LP was asking both President Ellen Sirleaf and VP Joseph Boakai to exercise their constitutional right not to run. We were not calling for an uprising or asking them to resign. Ending a first term and not running for a second is not equivalent to resigning. Secondly, we were appealing to the Liberian people not to vote for President Sirleaf by changing the government through the ballot box.

John Morlu is calling for a change that is tantamount to a Revolution, violent or unconstitutional one like countries he mentioned in his article, “Liberty Party Is A ‘Regime Collaborator,’ Wrong on Resignation Issue”.

What took place in countries he mentioned like the Philippine and others was not a constitutional change but a revolution which lead to death and destruction. Did John find out the economic or human cost that resulted from the uprising or revolution? Is John Morlu following what is going on in Syria and Egypt and the cost to life and property? After 14 years of war and destruction in Liberia, is John Morlu trying to incite young Liberians to get in the streets and destroy life and property just to remove president Sirleaf? Did John Morlu learn from the history of removing Tolbert and Doe? Should other Liberians sacrifice their young children in the streets of Monrovia while John Morlu is lying down with his children in the United States who eat three times a day and enjoy peace and security in the United States? What makes John Morlu different from others he claimed in one of his past articles sent poor people children to fight while their kids were in the United States and Europe? Is it wrong for others to do that and right for John Morlu to it?

John Morlu has mentioned that LP partisans are at NOCAl, Maritime, Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Works, etc and aligning with known presidential insiders like the former Senior Advisor to the President and Director General of Cabinet. What a paradox? John is claiming that he is defending the constitution and trying to condemn other Liberians for exercising their constitutional right to serve their country.

What is wrong with LP partisans working for their country? Have Americans made any big issue about former United States Republican Senators, Chuck Hagel from Nebraska and William Cohen from Maine serving two Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as Secretary of Defense? If it is wrong for Liberty Party partisans to serve in a UP lead government, what made it right for John Morlu to serve as Auditor General in this government? Why John Morlu who considers himself a man with high moral value, served in a government he said was three times corrupt without conducting one audit prior to his statement? John Morlu is a church going man who quoted from the Gospel of Luke. However, he forgot an important passage in the Bible that we all learned in Sunday school. According to the World English Bible, 1 Corinthians 15:33 states, “Evil companionships corrupt good morals” or King James version, “Evil communications corrupt good manners”.

Morlu brands Liberty Party as “Regime Collaborator” only because the party is courageous enough to take a bold stand on a crucial national question. He needs to refresh his memory of pre-2005 electioneering period. Was it not the same Morlu who in so many of his long windy pieces canonized madam Sirleaf and lambasted the media for taking critical positions against the madam? How then was he to be characterized, an opportunist positioning himself for the post of Auditor General?

John Morlu in his own words said the government was three times corrupt but lobbied Robert Sirleaf to appeal to his mother to work in the government and also renew his contract. Why a moral man like John Morlu begged to work with people he claimed were corrupt? Did he forget the Bible he loves says, “Evil communications corrupt good manners”?

John Morlu’s action is a good example of Liberians who sit and condemn governments when they are out. Did John Morlu call for the resignation of the president when he was Auditor General? He did not because he was in the government and knew there was a possibility that a new President would have appointed a new Auditor General and this may have put him on the unemployment line. What a hypocrite!

Liberty Party has mature, professional and reasonable men and women. We are not one dimensional. We say the good and bad about government. John Morlu has called LP members sellout or partisans of Unity Party for telling Liberians to wait for 2017 to change the government from UP to another political party. LP has spoken about some of the ills in the current government and it is the right thing to also point out some of the achievements. We don’t operate on the basis of John Morlu’s agenda. What John Morlu will call John McCain and other Republicans who condemned some of their Republicans colleagues including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas and other Tea Party members for trying to hold-up the budget because of their opposition to the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare? Will he call them Democrats?

John Morlu does well in researching and writing history. It is one thing to read history and understand and correctly apply what you write. He wrote, “Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech took a year to get to Boston and for Americans to understand its implications, and when they did, America had the Boston Tea Party and a revolution that ousted the Brits. Mohama Gandhi led a minority revolution to oust the Brits. Nelson Mandela led a minority revolution to oust the Brits.” John is trying to compare apple and oranges. These men mentioned were fighting for independence from the British and other colonial masters. They wanted a revolution to govern themselves and not by the Queen or King of England. Liberia is an independent country with an elected government and not fighting for independence like Patrick Henry, Gandi or Mandela was. John Morlu writes about strong commitment to Jeffersonian Principles.

Does he understand Jeffersonian principles? Can John Morlu show us anywhere in Jeffersonian principles that condemn those who speak about what is good in a government by the standard of any reasonable man? Is there anything in this principle that states, never say anything good about a government? John Morlu is confusing some of our young people who look up to someone like him to help enlighten them directly or indirectly. When you write and misinform the young people, it is tantamount to an intellectual distortion and it is not good for them.

John Morlu is decent man who has done some good things in Liberia and we must commend him for those good things. However, on this issue with Liberty Party, he is wrong. On the issue of inciting young people that may lead to the destruction of life and property he is wrong. On the issue of not waiting for President Ellen Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai to end their term, he is wrong.

LP is appealing to all Liberians to give peace a chance and let wait for 2017 to elect a new leader. Everything is not good in Liberia today but let us not destroys the little good we have. We cannot continue to go back at the beginning of the track line and win those who are moving towards the end of the finish line.


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