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Liberia: Gov’t Cracks Down on Would-Be Protesters, 7 Arrested as Gov’t to Haul Supporters to RIA


Reports coming out of Liberia depict a worrying atmosphere as President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf returns home tomorrow after a long stay out of the country and participating in the 68th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. According to the Secretary General  for the Movement of Liberians Against Corruption, MOLAC based in the United States and co-sponsors of a September 24th protest against corruption and resignation of President Sirleaf at the United Nations Headquarters.

According to the Secretary General of the Movement of Liberian Against Corruption Liberia’s chapter, Mr Pearl Nyekan, seven would-be protesters have been arrested  today and in police custody in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. Mr Nyekan release issued disclosed that the seven arrested and maltreated were among members of the movement parading the streets of the capital when they were arrested.

A sympathizer of  the Campaign calling for president Sirleaf’s resignation which stages a protest against the Liberian leader upon her told this outlet that the Liberian government is recruiting in the various communities  and paying off people to be trucked in to the Roberts International Airport outside Monrovia to show support for President Sirleaf to counter the protest calling  for the Liberian leader resignation.

Report  from Monrovia says public officials are in clear view recruiting in  communities and some on radios pleading with that Liberians show up at support of the President. Spearheading the government’s effort to truck in supporters to the Roberts International Airport, according to our eye-witness account in Monrovia are Finance Minister Amara Konneh, Foreign Minister, Augustine Nygafuah, and Mrs Medina Wesseh.


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