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TND Alert: Liberia| Anti-Gov’t Protesters Defied Odds, Showed Strength at Airport, 3 Leaders Arrested


great094vp0346Anti-government protest in Liberia who have planned protest  over the several weeks when President Sirleaf returns home from abroad, and demand her resignation made true their  threat  true when they showed up in force at the Roberts International Airport outside Monrovia protesting and calling for the resignation of the President  in defiance of the closing of the main road leading to the airport  from the capital and raiding  and arrest of  some of their leaders.

Supporters of President Sirleaf believed to have come from government ministries and agencies, public schools students, and others believed to be   paid groups and recruited from within the various communities were at the airport to welcome the Liberian leader back home.

A communication from the “Ellen StepDown Campaign”  says “as angry Liberians gathered at the Robert International Airport to give the President of Liberia an unpleasant welcoming, the Liberian National Police launched a serious attack on some of the leaders of the combine d organizations and arrested Tarnue Marwolo Bongolee, the National coordination of MOLAC-Liberia, Mulbah Molu, Chairman “Ellen Stepdown Campaign”, Bar-Wah Brownell, Chairman, CARE-Liberia and three others and were taken to an unknown destination” .

According to one Monrovia resident who contacted this outlet,  said Monrovians do not know  the Liberian leader has arrived in the country and but if it is true that she has arrived in the country, it must be she just arrived by 8:00 pm local time”.




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