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TND Alert: Liberia|Released Anti-Gov’t Protest Leaders Play Guests to MOLAC’s Conference Call

Barely twenty-four hours after their release, Liberia’s protest leaders, Mulbah Morlu of the “Ellen Step Down Campaign” and the Liberian head of the Movement of Liberians Against, MOLAC, Marwolo Bongolee will tomorrow appear on a MOLAC-News Conference call.pic08

A release from the Secretary General of MOLAC-USA, Mr Sayon Nyanwleh disclosed that the two protest leaders who were among nine other protesters released including Mr Bah-Wah Brownell, leader of the Campaign for the Resignation of Ellen, CARE-Liberia will appear on MOLAC’s -News conference at 5:00 pm eastern time and 4:00 pm central time. To access the conference call the host of the conference released said callers should dial the access code: (559)726-1300  and 325-848 entered as PIN when prompted .

The release further reveals that the two released protest leaders will speak about their arrest, sedition charge, their release, and the current state of affairs, and their next step to demand the resignation of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

“Hear for the first time from these political prisoners about the future of Liberia”, the release concluded.

The two protest leaders were arrested Tuesday and Wednesday respectively for leading a protest calling for the resignation of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who they accused of corruption, nepotism, bad governance, and losing the moral authority to govern. The three protest leaders were arrested along with nine others and charged with sedition by the Liberian government but were released today by the Monrovia Central Court on grounds that the Liberian government failed to prove sedition charges.




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