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U N 3-Day Corruption Convention in Panama City, are Liberia and Africa Represented?


Pres Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Today, a three day Conference of States Parties (COSP) to the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) opens in  Panama City, Panama and will run to  29 of November. The UN Conference interfaces with the tenth anniversary of the opening of UNCAC for signatures and the creation of a framework for arresting the dying scars of corruption. The COSP comprises of one hundred and sixty-eight nations and are parties to the UNCAC. The Unite States is among countries attending the Conference and according to the State Department’s Media Note circulated, the UNCAC tackles critical issues such as the “demand for bribes to major embezzlement, corruption in all its forms-erodes the rule of law, weakens

institutions, and undermines democracy and good governance” and concluding, the Media Notes emphasized that the “United States is committed to engaging with other countries to prevent and combat corruption, and contributes approximately $1 billion annually to support anti-corruption and  good governance activities around the globe” and “contributed significantly to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime toward implementation of the UNCAC, providing over $4.4 million in funding in the last two years”.

Should the conference to be of any significance and stamp an indelible dent on corruption, it is   paramount that Liberia which leads the world as the most corrupt nation in the world for 2010 and 2012 take center stage at the conference and used as a pragmatic case study of the depth of the corruption plague and hold that country to the precepts of the Convention and demand radical action from the government, knowing that it lacks the self-intestinal fortitude to combat and is the only country in the world where the corrupts can sue for millions of dollars and a court would render judgment in their favor and sent journalist into prison for five hundred years for publishing an official government report indicting those officials.

The African continent too which embellishes the scourge of corruption and impeding the continent’s potential in spite of its unparalleled resources on the scale to other continents, making the that great continent into a begging basket must be represented in full at this convention and be required of significant and radical progress in curbing corruption as well as being accountable for the resources of the coffers of their various  governments as a pivot to actively skewed from being a pathological begging hand and few elites convert for their personal use while their people in impoverished and de-human condition.



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