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Liberia: Opposition Party, CDC to Trade Standard Bearership for $2.5 Million to Ex-Maritime Chief, Beninoi Urey

Winston TubmanTubman, right on campaign trail Family sourcurey01es of Liberia’s former Maritime Chief, Beninoi Urey have revealed in confidentiality that the former Maritime Chief will become the Standard Bearer of Liberia’s leading opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in Liberia’s 2017 elections

According to family sources, Mr Urey is in negotiations with the Liberian opposition leader on trading the party’s torch bearer-ship is traded to him  and has committed in principles US$2.5 million for the deal which  would make him the Presidential Candidate in the 2017 presidential and general elections.

The ongoing trade negotiations are being conducted in  a very tight fashion and with the party’s elite few outside the knowledge of the broad spectrum of the party’s membership.

Trading the party’s standard bearer-ship in 2017 won’t be unique, in 2011 the party traded its Standard Bearership to Ambassador Winston Tubman and the party’s leader, George Weah opted for the second spot on the party’s ticket as Vice Presidential candidate. The Liberian opposition party also entered into a deal earlier with Cllr Charles Brumskine of the opposition Liberty Party to trade him the Standard Bearership and formed a coalition but the deal went down the drain and the CDC later traded the party’s flag bearer-ship instead.

The Urey’s family revelation brings to reality the pictorial interpretation the public appearance of the former Maritime chief and the Liberian opposition leader, George Weah as his party launched a voter registration march and show of political presence as Mr Weah gears up to contest the Senatorial seat next year.

Mr Beninoi Urey is believed to be one of Liberia’s wealthiest persons and former confidant Charles Taylor who got his wealth from the loot of the country’s maritime program and first mobile phone company, Lone Star, as one of its shareholders  during the rogue regime of war crime felon, Charles Taylor who is now serving his 50 years imprisonment in Great Britain.

The Lone Star mobile company is indicted by the Truth and Reconciliation Council (TRC) report for economic sabotage to restitution the country US$36 million on grounds that the company fraudulently used and sole the country’s frequency to other investors and taxes paid to the country from their operations.

Mr Urey is also  placed on  travel ban by the United Nations and did not get relief from that world body as others on the ban were removed including the wife of war crime felon, President Charles Taylor, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor.






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  1. why will people think that CDCian don’t know what is obtaining in the political landscape? why only CDC and not other parties?
    please wait and see. CDC can raise more than double of that peanuts you claimed to be at stake.


  2. can CDC really allow Benoni to lead them, its myth


  3. When the rest of the world to crazy the come up with stuff like this. The west should worry about how stupid their leaders are.


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