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Failed to Defend Trade of Standard Bearership: Liberia’s Opposition CDC Party Backed off Last Minute, No-Show on Talkshow with Publisher

CDCvpusa In a rare appearance on a Liberian US based internet radio, ‘Global Afric, the Publisher and Managing Editor of  ‘The New Dispensation’, J K-K Peah on Monday night honored invitation from ‘The Jeroy Cummings Show’  along with the Vic Chairman of a Liberian Opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Arthur Zakama to discuss ‘The New Dispensation’s’ December 15th edition of the online news outlet, with caption, ‘Opposition Party, CDC to Trade Standard Bearership for $2.5 Million to Ex-Maritime Chief,  Benoni Urey’.

Barely few minutes to the start of the show after the online news publisher and Managing Editor appeared on the talkshow, the Liberian opposition party USA Chapter, Vice Chairman, Arthur Zakama, phoned the host, Jeroy Cummings to inform him that he could not sustain  his commitment to appear on the program along with  publisher because he could not get green light from the party’s USA Chairman and that the party was carrying on in-house discussions to get grip of the paper’s publication and in due course his party will come up with its position on the publication.

‘The New Dispensation’ in its December 15th publication revealed that a Liberian opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change was poised to trading the standard bearer slot to former Liberian maritime Chief, Benoni Urey for US$2.5 million which will ultimately make the former, maritime executive and one of Liberian wealthiest citizens and businessmen the party’s presidential candidate  in the country’s 2017 general and presidential elections.

The Congress for Democratic Change is Liberia’s leading opposition party of football icon, George Weah which came second place in  two successive elections with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her Unity Party in 2005 and 2011 respectively.

Responding to questions from the host of ‘The Jeroy Cummings Show’, the publisher and Managing editor of  “The New Dispensation” said the paper vetted its source in keeping with the editorial standard of the news outlet and found the story measurable to the paper’s standards.

The publisher and Managing Editor of the paper stressed to the talkshow host that, “The New Dispensation”  is not a Liberian news paper but it happens to cover stories and developments in Liberia and by coincidence, the publisher is a Liberian but does not satisfy the wrong inferences of news makers of Liberia  that the paper witch-hunts groups, the government, and people in Liberia. Mr. Peah also stressed  that just as the paper covers and publishes stories from other countries and so is Liberia and no preference or special biases are applied to Liberia.

Mr. Peah further emphasized that his outlet is faced with a Liberian mentality where when it publishes stories about Liberia and the story is critical of the Liberian government or public officials, the Liberian opposition would commend the integrity of  the outlet and the government and public officials as well as its supporters would be indifferent to the paper. On the other hand, when the paper publishes stories critical of the opposition, the very opposition which revered the integrity of  “The New Dispensation” would be indifferent to the story as is the case with the paper’s December 15th publication.

Mr. Peah concluded that the paper is immune to  backlash  and controversies emanating from stories the paper publishes because it all comes with the terrain of the news gathering and dissemination stressing, “The New Dispensation” is not a propaganda machine for any group or person and no price or value can  compromise the paper’s integrity but remains vigilant to publishing  with the highest moral and ethical standards with its audience  of  global reach, including its three largest audiences, United Sates, Canada, India, and Liberia as its sole focus whose ultimate trust the paper works each and everyday to continuously  earn.


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