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Liberia: LRC Petitions Former Auditor General, John Morlu for President on July 25th









FEBRUARY 11, 2014

As Liberia transition and the country welcomes the new Chief of Staff,  Lt Colonel Daniel Ziakham of the Arm Forces of Liberia after eight years of a foreign Nigerian army  General leading our sovereign nation army, an unprecedented phenomena, we wish to mark this milestone by extending our profound appreciation to the new Chief of Staff and congratulate the Arm forces of Liberia as it observe its founding.

get_imgMORLUThe transition of the Arm Forces of Liberia is the first step to the full evolution of the new Liberia to come and that evolution of the new Republic collides with a “national renaissance”  that will thrust our country forward.

The Liberia Renaissance Campaign, (LRC) is honored to inform you Hon Morlu that we are reactivating the 2011 Petition  for President of Liberia t  which was suspended owing to mitigating circumstances relative to your late resignation from your post as Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia, a post whose contract restricted you from active politics. We are  formally calling you to “national duty”,, to lead a “national renaissance” that will retool and restore the neglected  and forgotten ‘Liberian Promise’ – making Liberia a paradise envisioned by our founding fathers- a paradise where every Liberian can realize his or her full potential backed by the enormous plenty in gold, diamond,  forest, lakes, ocean, rivers, mountains, and timber, and a unique climate as well as incredible culture and people.

Hon Morlu, we are pleased to further acknowledge you that by the reactivation of the 2011 petition for President, the Liberia Renaissance Campaign will on July 25, 2014, formally petition you in Liberia to contest for the Presidency of Liberia as an independent candidate in the 2017 elections.

The stakes are never higher than they were in 2011 as they are now.  Our beloved homeland is bleeding in need of  true sons and daughters to rescue it from doom and give hope to a bewildered people wrecked by politicians and political parties that have used the little that makes them unique to destroy them rather than tapping into the bigger things which unite the country to build a nation which would fulfill the national vision of our country- “making Liberia a paradise- the “Liberian Promise”.

We are of the conviction that your leadership as President and a mobilized citizenry, will unleash Liberia into the new frontier and the historic national decadence of corruption which has kept our country in an embarrassing dark age after 167 years of sovereignty, shall see light  and the sun will rise over Africa’s oldest nation and democracy.

We call on all true Liberians, you have a stake in this “national renaissance”, we can no longer afford a minute, least to say another six or twelfth years to experiment with another career politicians or hustlers who have used politics as casino to squander the public trust, leaving their own people to live in abject poverty.

The new Liberia needs technocrats like Hon Morlu who can use their heads to solve critical problems and hands to create opportunities rather than career politicians who can make anything  with their month but can never make anything- 167 years, these politicians and political parties have destroyed our country and people; the time is now our country be given the option of the ‘best of the brightest’ like Hon Morlu and not business as usual where the ‘lesser of two evils’ have been the trademark of governance.

The locust have eaten 167 years of national existence and it all happened because we Liberians were silent and did not act while the wicked plundered the land- it must end and it begins NOW!

In 2017, we must vow that in our lifetime, Liberia will change, breaking the traditional adage, that our country will never change and things have been that way all along and so it will always be that way.

Join the Liberia Renaissance Campaign and let’s together replenish the 167 years the locusts have eaten and march forward in this new dispensation and build a paradise on these shores of Africa, the national vision of our country and let other African nations envy our success and the world would come and see- the renaissance begins NOW and no time for try and error, we have tried and erred for 167 years!



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