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Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak: “President Sirleaf Must Return Home and Lead a National Emergency on “Ebola Outbreak”, the Editorial that was Ignored-

As early as April 9, 2014 when the Ebola outbreak was just as a chattering outbreak echoing in the thin win of the possible outbreak crossing from Guinea or Sierra Leone, this entity warned through the editorial below that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia’s rock-star and celebrity President, leave foreign capitals and return home to mobilize her citizenry and lead a national emergency effort to save her country as the country was tilting towards great danger. This editorial’s warning was ignored and today, the prophecy of the editorial has come true and indeed, Liberia has tilted to danger.

Below is the original editorial that was ignored.

President Sirleaf

President Sirleaf

A Republication…

From  government denial to confirmation of Ebola outbreak in Liberia by the United Nations, the Ebola which started in the Republic of Guinea, Liberia’s neighbor to the north, has claimed 100 lives and 175 infected, it appears  the Liberian government is not  according the urgency and emergency the deadly Ebola outbreak deserves by the magnitude of the deadliness of the disease.

In the face of the confirmation of Ebola outbreak in the country, the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has another priority serious enough than the Ebola outbreak and important than the lives and wellbeing of her citizens in danger from the threat of the deadly Ebola. The Liberian leader, rather than mobilizing her people and country to face the deadly outbreak, a plague which has no treatment,  is plaguing the capitals of other nations giving  flowery speeches while her country and people  tilt at the brink of danger.

Even at the report of seven Ebola deaths in Liberia, there is no coordinated health mechanism in place to guide the public and or a massive public awareness scheme in place to educate the people about how to avoid contacting the disease, leaving the populace to fend for themselves and or figure things out for themselves. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf must immediately cut short her trip abroad and return home and mobilize her country to respond the deadly Ebola threat.

As if it were some child’s play, when the Liberian Health Minister told the public not to have sex for forty-five days, by doing so, one won’t contact the disease; this shows  the lack of leadership in the country in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak.

It comes a time, moment, and or event when Presidents  leadership are defined by how they respond to testing times  and their response will define the true soul of their leadership and that would be the legacy by which their presidency will be remembered. For President Sirleaf, her response to this deadly threat is heartbreaking. The President needs to cut short her visit, return home immediately and lead her country in this trying times. She has given hundred of speeches around the world, met almost every important world leader, and received every award known to man. It is time the Liberian leader put her personal glory at the back burner and at least in the face of this deadly disaster, put her people and country first.

President Sirleaf, return home now and lead your people and country!


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