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Liberia: Opposition Leader, George Weah Goes Intellectual, Addresses National Issues on ‘Destiny Debaters’


Liberian international acclaimed football icon and former FIFA World Best Player, George Oppong Weah made conscious decision in 2005 to trade his boots for coat suits to venture into politics as he accepted to lead a squadron of the young people of Liberia who felt weah-grad1there was a need to take the mantle of leadership from the older generation whom they believed had plundered their country and future.

But it seems that project is not going anywhere yet as two elections have passed the former international soccer star whom they recruited from the football field with little or no experience in politics, has lost two successive elections in 2005 and 2011  respectively under the banner of the Congress for Democratic Change, (CDC) Party to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of the Unity Party.

It is a widespread belief that the former football icon lost the election in 2005 despite winning the first round but only to lose the second round to President Sirleaf because he lacked the education credentials and requisite experience.

Since his loss to the Harvard university graduate, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, George Weah embarked on another venture and this  was to pursue his education and he since earned a Master Degree from Devry University in the United States.

Now it seems, the former football icon is determined to prove his critics wrong that despite his education acquired, he still lacks the intellectual depth it requires to run a country, especially  as he intends to run for the Liberian Senate this October and Presidential elections loom two years to come, has since taken to Liberian traditional intellectual spots and cyber portals, beginning with the famous Hatayae spot in Monrovia, where young Liberian minds gather to discuss issues and developments affect the social fabric of their homeland and yesterday Mr. Weah took to the popularly growing “Destiny Debaters”, where he addressed a variety of national issues affecting his country and people.

Below is the raw audio of Mr. Weah’s conversation on Destiny Debaters.












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