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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mothers’ in Heaven


On this special day as the world celebrates the incredible sacrifices of mothers, the pillar of every family, the unshakable footstool of every child, the foundation of every nation, and the trailblazer of the world, I too extend a ‘Special Mother’s Day greetings to my grandmother, Grace H. Brownell and mother, Anna K. Brownell both of whom are in heaven on this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Kookoo (my grandmother) and Happy Mother’s Day Ayale ( my beloved mother), we are proud of the work you did  here on earth and especially, making us the strong persons we have become.

Kookoo, the best Grandmother a child could ever ask for,  I remember  the many days you would wake me up early dawn sitting by my bedside  and would advise me on how to live to be a better person to humanity and this world. Those virtues you impacted in me today, still guide my conscience and have molded my entire being.

And to my beloved mother, Ayale (Anna K. Brownell), I remember the strong spiritual virtues that characterized your entire existence on this earth  which you also impacted into my life and my other siblings, Babawood, Larwoloh, Emmanuel and the ones that are with you in heaven Boye, Heeylooh and Barbie. Those virtues you impacted into us have made us into strong people and always want to help make this world a better place. Those virtues are my  guide as I navigate this troubled world where evil has triumphed and the fruits of wickedness permeate the human landscape.

Kookoo, Ayale, when life turns its ugly side to me and I just can not seem to find answer and bewildered and broken, those virtues you inspired and impacted in me, give me the strength and courage to accept the harsh lessons of life with grace and keep on fighting.

For those who are blessed to still have your mothers around, I say, cherish them, adore them, enjoy them, you wouldn’t  know what it means to have them until you loose them…..  give your mother a special Mother’s Day gift today that you will forever remember.

Today is the only Mother ‘s Day you can count on, show your mother a special love, you may not have tomorrow.



From Your Grandson and Son

 J K- K Peah (Todd)








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