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CDC in Turmoil: ‘Now the Storm is Calmed, CDC Must Be Cleaned Up’ – the Prophetic Advice that Was Never Heeded Has Come Back to Bite





DECEMBER 26, 2005

The October elections and the subsequent run-off were  unprecedented milestone in our history and a stepping hope for the rest of Africa. peah012Our elections as the United States Senator, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, one of the United States Delegation of Monitors puts it, could be used as a model for the rest of the world including the United States.

The exercise was  indeed fair and the most ever open elections I have ever heard of, not even open and fair compare to other flag bearers of democracy in the world, we all must be proud of what we have accomplished as a people and nation.

Amidst all the saga erupting out of the outcome of the elections result with the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, refusing to acknowledge and accept the result in  which the Unity Party Standard Bearer Madam Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf, by votes, overwhelmingly won. The nucleus and financial pivot of the party (CDC), especially the United  States branch  and visionaries  of the party chose the path of working behind the scene to prevail on the party to accept the election result which we are convinced was unquestionably won by the Unity Party.

CDC in the United States believes that despite our desire and hunger to give our nation a makeover and usher  in a new democratic and political culture tailored to putting the interest of our country first above our personal aspirations, was dependent upon God’s will and as we persistently said during the elections, whoever God had chosen to lead the country will be, and man could do nothing to change his will.

During the entire saga, we were approached by our fellow countrymen from all faucets  to step in and intervene in what was going on to save the country from another brink of destruction. I believe our good intentioned countrymen made their appeals to us because  they could not see us in the evening news and headlines to be  construed that we were all on course with the status quo.

For me personally,  I was in contact with election workers during the elections and was receiving live updates of the elections even before the Election Commission received reports from their workers from the field. One of such instances was the polling sites at LAC and Bassa High School in Bassa. I got in touch with my contacts, election workers assigned at the polling sites, I was updated two minutes after the votes were being counted and the Unity Party swept all polls in Bassa High School and also won 17 polling stations out  of the 20 sites at LAC. These statistics of the votes were then shared with other supporters and members of the party based on the live statistics  I was collecting from election worker. I knew we were heading for defeat.  On Wednesday night, November 9, the puzzles all came together and I knew that  it was all over for the CDC dream of leading the country to a new frontier.

It is time, now that the storm is calmed, we the visionaries of the party after strategically handling the saga, saving our country and keeping the party intact, something our opponents were waiting  to happen. The Congress for Democratic Change is not a party form just for the election and since we lost, all is over and it is the end of the road. The visionaries of the party will not rest until the party is cleaned up and goes back to true vision of the birth of our dear party.   Lot has gone wrong and we must confront those wrongs.

The Congress for Democratic Change was born out of the alternative  to reconciling the country and opponents of the party did a good job by blackmailing that political capital which by character of virtues and deeds, the tramp card for the party’s victory but that which it could not  enjoy. CDC lost the elections because they did a terrible job in propaganda and failed to listen to my advice when on the Sunday after the first round, I  advised the party that the runoff will clearly be won by effective propaganda, knowing that we couldn’t seal the elections during the first round  and also on the failure of the campaign team in Liberia to follow through strategies sent from the laboratory here in the United States.

Many  spoils and ills of democracy by evidence of their involvement with previous regimes, penetrated the CDC leadership and with their school of thought not been one of integrity, honesty and democratic tolerance. They took advantage of our inherent character of being a melting- pot party, bringing all together  on the table of brotherhood; they succeeded because the nucleus of the party in Liberia and few stalwarts at the helm of leadership could  not pay attention  to these red flags when these issues were been raised. One group that fought to ensure the vision of the party was guided and  that it was not being corrupted, was the Rhode Island state Chapter of the party but unfortunately it was  constantly labeled by the leadership as ‘trouble makers’. Well, it is said a child who does not listen, will feel, and by now the CDC has come to terms with this popular Liberian saying.

We will cleanup the party, the job we have do for the Liberian people is enormous and we can not afford to have spoils and ills to remain at the apex of the party’s leadership structure.  I must stamp my desire here that CDC- USA supports the candidacy of Dr. Ketteh Kummeh  Murray for the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Liberian Legislature and will not rest until he is elected even though I know through classified conduits that the Standard Bearer, Ambassador George Weah is fighting his candidacy in favor of Edwin Snowe, an independent, ultimately opposing his own party to take over the Speakership which could strengthen his party and divide government with President Sirleaf and her Unity Party.

We will do all we can to support the fruits of democracy and its outcome. The Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government can be rest assure that our vision for Liberia does not stop with the CDC, but any government emerging from the will of the people, the big picture is Liberia, and we are committed to Liberia, and Liberia only.

J.K-K. Peah

Secretary General, CDC-RI Chapter
Member,  National Strategic/Propaganda Committee,

Congress for Democratic Change, CDC- USA

Note: The author has since left the party  2008 after putting immense personal resources and expertise to help build the party into an institution but things kept deteriorating with the progressively building of the party into a personality cult of the, leader, George Weah and something he relishes rather than building the party into an institution.



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