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TND Alert: FBI Raids Home of Pres Sireaf’s Son, (Robert Sirleaf) in the United States

Robert Sirleaf

Robert Sirleaf

Reports coming out of the United states reveal that the home of Robert Sirleaf, son of the Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was raided today in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI. According to reports, the FBI raided Mr. Sirleaf’s home in North Carolina on an ongoing investigation on suspicion of funneling money through the First Investment Bank in Liberia to the United States.






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  1. Ellen’s Johnson have to remember that what the Liberian people did to Tolbert’s, Doe’s, and Taylor’s she and her son and her government officials are not above it. She using her son to exploits the Liberian economy, Roberts Sirelealf supposed to know that he is an American citizen, he have no right going to a country that came from 14 years wars where its citizens are hungry, no good education system, no running water, electricity and so forth, taking such money will be crimes against humanity. When Charles Taylor was president of Liberia his son was outlaw as he was citizen of the united states, killing innocent people using the power of his father, at the end when he returned to the U.S,he was charged under the American laws and was sentenced to 90 years in jail. Ellen’s has to remember also that Liberian silent is their concerns. She took groups of criminals from around the world to exploits the country, look at the Free Port former manager, Parker’s who took about $850,000,00 from that poor country.


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