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Spain vs Neitherlands: Dutch Demolition Crew Led By Van Persie Decimates Spanish Football, Destroys Spain 5-1

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No one saw it coming, even the Spanish themselves could never had dreamed t they would be nipped 5-1 goals but yes, stunningly the Dutch, led by Van Persie had unfinished business to attend  to which they left off four years ago when 2010 FIFA World Cup defending champs shattered their hope of clinching the World Cup.

On the start of play, the Spanish, confident of their  supremacy over Dutch football, from start became to slap the football around as if they were incarnates of  ancient geometry genius and the spectator both on the field on the field believe the 2010 World Cup defending champs were poised to embarrass the Dutch and it all  seems  not to be far in  the distant when Spain were given a penalty , which from every evidence and rule in football could not had been called by the Referee but yet it was called and the defending champs found the back of the net.

But and not digging into despair and disappointment, Netherlands never let out, they recalibrate and found the fortitude to still have the courage in themselves that they could still attend to their unfinished business no matter what the circumstance they faced.

Minutes  after a  goal from a wrong penalty call by the Referee, the Netherlands Captain, Van Persie headed into the net one of World Cup beautiful goals ever that will forever annuals of football, coming from a long and deep pass mid-flight which Van Persie headed into the net while the ball was in flight. Spain goalkeeper Ikew  Caisilakas could do nothing but look backward hopelessly and in shock as the ball rolls into the back of the net.

The Dutch meant business, they came to take of unfinished business with Spain and when they were done after ninety-four minutes of play, the football world is stunned, a World Cup defending champ has been decimated 5-1 goals,  new record set, no defending World Cup champ had ever been decimated in such obliterating fashion. The Dutch has stamped their seal on they world football stage, saying at last, this our time.

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