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Liberia on Sale: Lebanese Citizen is Liberian Ambassador to Lebanon But Pays Death Ears to Sex Slave Plight of Liberian Women


Ambassador Fouad Ghandour /Liberia Chief of Mission to Lebanon

The Liberian nation is going through an unfortunate tragedy with an unprecedented outbreak of the Ebola virus which has decimated the country and posing a blanket of stigmatization of Liberian Diaspora communities motivated by the latest diagnosing of another Liberian, Thomas Eric Duncan of the Ebola virus in the United States.

But as the Ebola outbreak has exposed severe flaws and weaknesses if not breakdown of governance and the nonexistence of healthcare infrastructures, another crisis is on the horizon as Liberian women duped by Lebanese men as taking them as girlfriends to Lebanon but eventually lured them into sex slaves.  as they arrive in Lebanon.

According to an in-depth investigation conducted by Mr George Miller, an American Senior foreign policy strategist and Senior Vice President at Executive Action LLC, with direct interest on International Affairs, the CIA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, law enforcement, and Department of Homeland Security matters uncovered the plight of Liberian women forced into sex slaves in Lebanon and the Liberian mission in Lebanon pays death ears to their plight.

The current Liberian Chief of Mission of Liberia to Lebanon , Ambassador Fouad Ghandour is a Lebanese citizen, a shady businessman with business interest in Liberia where his  son Wassim Ghandour runs ISTC Liberia on his behalf and brother, Mohamad Ali Ghandour who is partner with him is also running Powtertech Inc.

How a does a Lebanese citizen become Chief of Mission to Lebanon of the Republic of Liberia is a ponder for mystery and once again exposes the chronic corrupt nature of the current Liberian government as well as crystal unpatriotic character of Liberian officials including the country’s world celebrated President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who has become and proven a disappointment, failing her country and the people who supported her who will sell or mortgage country to foreign interest. How can a foreign national represents and articulate the identity of a country he or she has nothing about.

Worst of all how could President Sirleaf and a young Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan could  pawn their country to foreign nationals and make them represent interest and culture identity of Liberia of which they are not a citizen off, ultimately contravening the Liberian constitution  which forbids a person of non negro lineage from becoming citizen of Liberia but yet the Liberian government chooses to bestow Ambassadorial privileges on Mr Ghandour and a contradict international best practices in diplomacy denying her own citizen job opportunity when unemployment is one of the worst i the world but would prefer toprovide a Lebanese citizen a job opportunity though he a well-to-do businessman.

Below is Mr Miller full dissipation of his investigation, resting on his frustration and deep concern for the Liberian women forced into sex slaves by Lebanese men who lured them from Liberia and the current Liberian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Fouad Ghandour, a Lebanese citizen.

Mr. George Miller’s Investigation:

The recent exposure of a human trafficking network by Frontpage Africa involving Lebanese nationals using liberian women as sex slaves in Lebanon has deeply upset me. As I have realized that these girls are not even represented in Lebanon by the Liberian Government.

I have went even further and personally contacted the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeking information and clarification about this issue. To my surprise I was told that the Liberian Government has an “embassy” with a COM who is not Liberian but in fact Lebanese. His name is Mr. Fouad Ghandour, a Lebanese national with no diplomatic background or political experience, notably in Liberia itself. He has a son Wassim Ghandour who runs ISTC Liberia on his behalf and brother Mohamad Ali Ghandour who is partner with him in the Powtertech Inc. operating in Liberia.

This incident has led me to take a closer look at the  practice of appointing non Liberian  nationals to serve as the country’s ambassadors and using the sovereignty and diplomatic immunities toward possible questionable activities or at the very least human rights issues that as this story are left un dealt with by the embassy due to the fact that the Ambassador is not a National nor is he interested probably by the plight or these girls. most likely he doesn’t even have the political clout neither in Lebanon nor in Liberia to do something about it, leaving these girls unrepresented, unprotected and abused.

This practice appears to be unique to Liberia and is done under the protection of some senior level government official in Monrovia, appointing ambassadors who are wealthy non Liberian that have paid huge sums of money for the privilege of a diplomatic passport. Most of these men, seem to have a shady business background. This to me  appears to violate the norms of international best diplomatic practices. Especially within a government that has attempted to present itself as anti-corruption.

Mr. Ghandour is reportedly using the diplomatic mission to smuggle goods and using the duty free exemption status of the Embassy to generate a signinficant monthly income out of the dealings. Including issuing passport renewals and other consular services based on payments without background check with the Liberian MOFA.

While all this high stakes drama is being played out, the Liberian people should demand accountability and an explanation from President Johnson-Sirleaf on why these appointments are being kept secret and made in clear violation of international best diplomatic practice.

One thing is certain and that is Liberia has succeeded in making itself the laughing stock of the international community when it comes to the dubious way in which the country’s sovereignty is so mindlessly been sacrificed at the feet of a few wealthy, ill reputed businessmen.

Please kindly find the information listed and supporting documents attached including a picture of Fouad Ghandour next to the flag.



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George Miller, currently a Senior Vice President at Executive Action LLC, focusing on International Affairs, the CIA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, law enforcement, and Department of Homeland Security matters. Mr. Miller is one of America’s leading foreign policy strategist, and has published extensively in foreign affairs journals. With thirty years of high-level experience in homeland security, counterterrorism, and intelligence issues, as well as extensive knowledge of the agencies and departments responsible for them. Over the years, Mr. Miller has worked with some of the world’s top business moguls and has worked with several global election campaigns, including that of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. In politics, Mr. Miller has worked with foreign candidates and governments including: Guinean President Lansana Conte ; Russian President Boris Yeltsin and The Dalai Lama. The numerous honors and merit awards he has received include the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the Intelligence Commendation Medal. Mr. Miller pursued doctoral studies at Indiana University, and holds degrees from Dartmouth College.


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    Interesting article on a somewhat historic level of corruption in Liberia. Can not imagine this under Tubman but in some ways it’s merely bringing the foreign influence in the public where it can be seen!


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