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“I Will Deal with Them, They Will Bleed Like Ebola Victims”: President Sirleaf’s Son Mocks Ebola Outbreak, Ruling Party Describes Him as “Emerging Monster” that Must be Stopped.

Though Liberia is yet to be declared Ebola- free and children who had been out of school for months go back to school, surprisingly, the country is heading for a midterm Senatorial elections on December 16, 2014 where fifteen Senators will be seeking re-election and President Sirleaf’s son (Robert Sirleaf) is among a slew of candidates contesting for seat in the Liberian Senate.

On the road on one of his  Senatorial campaign stumps, the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, (Robert Sirleaf) mocked the Ebola outbreak as he dissipated toxicity and anger protesters who held placards heckling him as if a campaign on steroid promised to “deal with them”  if he came back and met them again and when he is done, they would bleed from their stomachs like Ebola victims.

The feisty speech mocking the Ebola outbreak, coming from the son of the President of the country which is the epic center of the Ebola outbreak and the consequential avert effect the outbreak has had on other countries as the virus was exported to other countries from Liberia and infected nationals of those countries including the enormous resources the entire world are putting into the fight to curb the outbreak, is a shock and counter-productive to the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and the burden the world is shouldering and insensitivity to health workers who died fighting the ugly beast and a stabbing in the back of the Liberian people who bear the brunch of the excruciating pain of the world’s deadly Ebola outbreak.

Mr Sirleaf is vying for a seat in the Liberian Senate for one of Liberia’s fifteen counties, Montserrado, the county in which Liberia’s capital is located along with ten other candidates including the country’s opposition leader and football icon, George Weah.

In another episode, the President’s son is at logger head with his mother’s party- the Unity Party for what the party described as “stopping of a creeping monster” for reigning insults and threatening  the young wing of the party. In a press conference recently held by the Party’s Secretary General, Mr. Wilmot Paye, the party accused Mr Sirleaf of undermining its candidates contesting the Senatorial election including the party’s Chairman, Cllr Varney Sherman. The ruling Unity Party’s Secretary General told the new conference that Mr Sirleaf  recently disrespected the party when described delegation from its youth wing as “malnourished” and threatening them that if they fail to support in the election, they would remain for the next three years.

Mr. Sirleaf is believed by Liberians to be the real President running the country and not his mother so much so that he is referred to as the “Prime Minister” of the country and his mother is just a figure-head President as the result of her old age which many see as impediment to run the day-to-day  affairs of country.

The ruling party vowed not to lend Mr Sirleaf support is lacks the moral standing to warrant their support and would stop him before he alter the moral values of the country. The Secretary General described Mr Sirleaf moral value as “abominable” to the country and has gotten rich “over night”.

The Unity Party Secretary General has called on the country’s election Commission to investigate Mr Sirleaf’s campaign to play by the rules as all other candidates and parties because his campaign is using public buildings to run his campaign though it contrary to the election laws of the country.


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