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What Manner of Country is Liberia?

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cdcRally02There is a common saying in Liberia that, “there are three groups of people in the world- the white man, the black man, and the Liberian man“. This  tiny west African nation which is believed to be the eighteenth wealthiest nation on earth in terms of its diversified natural resources with a four million population, is unfortunately one of the poorest nation in the world with its population living in abject poverty, worsened by a brutal fourteen years of civil war which ended in 2003 with the election of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

And though this African oldest independent nation has since been plagued by rocky history since it was founded in 1847 by free slaves from the United States, it appears that despite these misfortune which contributed to the wholesale  underdevelopment of the country, is yet to give Liberians a wake-up call to stand in the gap for their so blessed country and children as the country is again on the edge of preparing a doom of their own existence.

While the world has put in enormous resources to curb the world’s deadliest Ebola outbreak and Liberia being the epic center of the outbreak, it is beyond character and senseless that Liberia will have the courage to hold election in the face of the deadly Ebola outbreak and while the world is racing against time to eliminate the disease. It is incomprehensible that  Liberia will choose to be insensitive to the danger which hangs over the nation as Ebola threatens their own existence and would prioritize the election of some fifteen unproductive and self-center politicians whose purpose is to go in the Liberian Senate to ill amaze wealth and represent themselves over the health and safety of the Republic and citizenry.

What manner of country is Liberia that put it citizens and the state in danger by allowing thousands of them to assemble for campaign rallies and demonstrations when the Ebola virus is contracted by coming in contact with bodily fluid of an infected person.

Liberia has not been declared Ebola-free and the threat of the outbreak of the disease has crossed over from within its borders,  Guinea, and Sierra Leone (the infected Ebola region) to thousands of miles away   into other nations with Liberia being the main exporter of the disease. The Liberia nation does not take the threat and inherent annihilation of the country consideration as demonstrated by recent news of the country schedule of special election on December 16, 2014 for fifteen Senatorial vacancies.

The country may argue that if the election is not held, the country could enter a constitutional crisis because by the constitution, fifteen sitting Senators term of office will elapse next January and the constitution calls for election which in fact should had taken place October.

How would the country reconcile the obvious question that what is the magnitude of the constitutional crisis  that would incur if the election is rescheduled until the country is declare Ebola-free, juxtapose putting the country at risk by holding the election and candidates and political parties campaign which would mean conglomerating thousands of Liberians into campaign rallies and demonstrations as it has been manifested in recent days where candidates and political parties have pulled off huge crowds in their thousands, a hot-bed for the disease to rejuvenate with vengeance.

Holding election which encompasses political rallies and demonstrations in an Ebola hot zone is dangerous and poses security risk to the Liberian nation and the world as well.

Liberia must think outside the box and look at the big picture and not the short-circuited view the country holds- the consequences of the poor and reckless decision it makes will not only remain within its borders, but will spill over to other countries.

The irresponsible campaigns run thus far by candidates and political parties manifest the inherent and dangerous collision course the country is heading towards, knowing that the huge political rallies and demonstrations in the country could put the country on the trajectory of doom because there is convincing probability that though the number of Ebola cases have decreased tremendously, these huge crowds and rallies which are also characterized by trouble  and death are incubators for a probable  second wave of the Ebola outbreak and this time, it will mean doom for the country.

Liberians of sober minds and hearts must step forward and save their country and spare the doom of their homeland and help arrest danger  the rest of the world will have to deal with as the result of the domino effect of a potential second wave of a decimating Ebola outbreak.

It is regrettable and sad to see politicians who profess to love Liberia and people, would put the very people and country into harms way by preying on their desperation and anger of the government’s poor response to the Ebola outbreak as well as prolong culture of corruption that will endanger the well-being of the people and the security of the Liberian Republic. It is not  love of country as they professed to be, but greed and being irresponsible- that these professed messiahs would lead the people and country to the slaughter house.

The threat of Ebola must be taken seriously and the fortunate reduction in new cases in Monrovia, the Liberian capital should not be construed as the country  and infected Ebola region are out of the woods yet and irresponsible politicians and political parties pull off huge campaign crowds and without slightly giving the second thought that the Ebola virus is contracted by coming in contact with bodily fluid of an infected person.

Are those Liberian politicians and the government ever thought of the gut- ranching consequences of one infected person being in those campaign rallies and his bodily fluid being contracted by others-what is the domino effect of the virus spreading considering those huge crowds?

Ebola is not gone from Liberia, neither has the country declared Ebola-free. Due diligence  must be accorded  the magnitude of the danger  the disease poses and the havoc it has reigned in the country and region- as well as the world.

It is hard to comprehend that the son of the Liberian President, Robert Sirleaf, a candidate for the Senate will pull Liberians into huge campaign crowds ignoring the severity of  the Ebola virus and knowing the disease is contracted through bodily fluid contact and at the same time mocks the deadly consequences of the outbreak when he promised on a recent stump – he would deal in his own way , with anyone who heckles him in a way that when he is done with them, they would “bleed from their stomach like Ebola victim”. The son the President do these things while at the same time his mother cries for help  around the world to curb the virus.  Paradoxically too, the President  feels comfortable and watches her son pull her citizens and country she was sworn to protect into danger and does not have the courage and moral compass to give her son a motherly advice not to help destroy the country which she is rallying the world to save.

From the opposition prospective, as far as they are concerned, the safety of the Liberian nation and people are none of their responsibility but to exploit for their selfish desire for power, the desperation and anger of the people against their government which has failed them and mishandled the Ebola outbreak.

The opposition too is irresponsible and from their attitude, does not show they too can govern or would had done better had they been in the helms of power. How would the opposition professed to be alternative to the current debacle in the country in the form of a government when they are reckless  worst than a drunken sailor  by pulling tens of thousands of their citizens they professed to love and messiah sent to deliver them to glory,  into the bin of danger and leading  them to probable doom by a possible second wave of Ebola outbreak.

Liberians, for once, need to care for themselves and not for other countries to care them- always want to be at the receiving end or playing victims and when the help comes which they asked for, it is abused and soon forgotten. How so soon again are Liberians forgotten the rage of the worst Ebola outbreak which ravaged the country killing their brothers and sisters, that while the country is yet to be declared Ebola-free and the disease still reigning havoc in the country, they are lured by irresponsible and self-center politicians who themselves could be worst than the country’s current leadership into huge political rallies which bear no difference of a gangster-style demonstration and putting the country once more on the edge in the name false hope to deliver them to glory and when in fact their trails prove otherwise.

The action of civil grouping in Liberia to call for stay on the December 16th election, is a responsible and patriotic action taken by good Liberians and this is what love of country looks like. The temporary stay orders on the election the Supreme Court of the Country issued is laudable and must be supported as the case goes to deliberation and Liberians give their support, hoping the court will grant the stay on the election because holding the election when the country has not yet  been declared Ebola-free and campaign rallies are hot-bed incubators for potential second wave of the virus outbreak,  is madness and begs the puzzle, what manner of country is Liberia?


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