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TND Endorses George Weah for Senate in Liberia

weahpic01The die is cast in Liberia as the country prepares to hold Special Election to elect 15 Senators to a new term of office which commences next January. The election was postponed to December 20, 2014 from the October as the country’s constitution mandates as the result of the Ebola outbreak in the country.

It comes a time in every human and institution lifespan where they must make tough decisions and few of which might conflict with a person’s or institution’ fundamental philosophy,  but making that tough call is necessary and befitting because though it might contravene a person’s or institution’s core principles, that tough decision could mean well for the greater good of society.

On the antecedents for the greater good of Liberia and what is at stake in Liberia, “The New Dispensation” as one of the leading conduits on issues in Liberia in the Diaspora, finds itself “between the rock and hard place” in one of the fifteen crucial Senatorial races in the country- the Montserrado County Senatorial race where soccer icon and leader of Liberia’s leading opposition Party, George Weah and Mr. Robert Sirleaf, son of  the country’s President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf are locked horn in a tough race for the Liberian Senate.

” Falling between the rock and hard place”- electing Mr. Robert Sirleaf to  the Senate is falling on the rock”  and would mean stamping the zeal of approval of his mother’s corrupt and inept leadership as well as the suffering of the Liberian people and backwardness of the country after unprecedented outpouring of international support to her government,  is a poisonous pill this entity can not stomach and therefore makes the tough call to endorse George Weah for Senate in tomorrow’s election for the Liberian Senate.

Endorsing the Congress for Democratic Change candidate, George Weah is  a  malaria pill this entity can stomach and live with the avert consequences of this decision because it would mitigate a bigger  danger which would befall Liberia if President Sirleaf’s son is elected to the Senate and ultimately catapult him to head the Liberian Senate as President Pro Tempo, a position he will spend the millions he acquired from the public coffers and then paralyze an already dysfunctional Senate into his fan club and set in motion his next plot to run for President in 2017 to protect his mother and the Sirleaf clan from prosecution for ripping off the country’s wealth.

“The New Dispensation” makes this tough decision to endorse George Weah for the Senate not for it’s fundamental principles but for the over all good  of the Liberian nation and the good people of Liberia so much so that when the history books are written and stock is taken,  there won’t be a missing chapter or page on where this paper stood during this critical period of Liberia’s sojourn.

“The New Dispensation” calls on all Montserrado County voters to rally around  George Weah regardless o political affiliation or philosophy and vote him to the Senate  and abort the Sirleaf clan’s plot to  reduce this great and blessed country, Liberia into their private farm and continue to ravage the country’s wealth without remorse.


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