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Liberia: “What Will Come Out of Whistleblower’s Mysterious Death”? “NOTHING!”



Jerry Wehtee Wion,

Journalist/Political Commentator

Washington D C, USA

The Editor,

Remember the popular CBS TV show: “Murder, She Wrote”? This too is Liberia. You have a government from top to bottom with people and their blood stained hands, many who conceived, planned, financed and participated in the civil war orgy of death, the Liberian genocidal holocaust. They are everywhere in all three branches of government…and in law enforcement, sadly.


What will come out of Allison’s death? NOTHING. The only language they will understand is sustained peaceful people popular uprisings of a nonviolent nature deeply rooted in the teachings of Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Otherwise, we are wasting our time to think they will relinquish power and the perks and privileges that flow from their criminality disguised as government.

The cover-up is already underway by hiding the identity of Allison’s supposedly grieving girlfriend. And what about his family members? What about the LACC that was to help protect him as a whistle blower witness? We have not heard from the Boss Lady President herself, who declared war on corruption fight Allison sadly joined only not to live to tell what he knew.

When will she express her outrage and the promise to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of a young man who accepted the challenge to fight the war on corruption the president has promised to wage in the last three years of her failed presidency? I have not heard of any news conference by the Police that said “foul play” was suspected in the death of Allison.

I guess midnight strategies consultations are taking place to coach and formulate a cover-up with the hidden hands behind Allison’s death. I hope outspoken individuals including journalists will be careful about their surroundings and the company they keep. It is all downhill from here until 2017. They will certainly determine to crush anyone who gets in their way and who wants to rain on their parade. And what about the new Justice Minister who the president told to leave no stone unturned in going after corruption? I have yet to read anything about any ongoing strategy and investigation.

But then again, he has to take his cue from the powers that be. So we are now moving into a dangerous phase of the ugly Liberian politics. Call it what you may. But this is terrorism politics, death squad politics intimidation politics, rebel war mentality politics, Charles Taylor type politics, Middle Eastern type Jihadist politics….all that could return our county back to the dark days of war, and I pray and hope not.



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