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The Full Picture: Senator George Weah is Not Forbes’ 4th Most Powerful Men in Africa

weahpic01A recent report flooding Liberia and  Liberian social media platforms posted by one Sam Manneh on Facebook, believed to be protégé  of Senator George Weah that the Senator has been named Africa’s 4th Most Powerful Men by Forbes Magazine has come out to  be far from the truth and the fallout of the mis-information is unraveling.

Contrary to the report that the freshman Senator was named by Forbes as the 4th Most Powerful Men in Africa for 2015, it appears  handlers and protégés of Senator George Weah, a former soccer icon turned politician were not careful to analyze the report with much deep understanding and do a follow up contact with the publisher. The  “10 Most Powerful Men in Africa” publication attributing  Senator George Weah of Liberia as the 4th Most Powerful Men in Africa was not produced by Forbes but a contributing writer  to Forbes, Farai Gundan  and her publication does not represent  Forbes but her personal opinion. Forbes has affixed a disclaimer on Farai Gundan’s  “10 Most Powerful Men in Africa” publication.

The Forbes contributor herself does not claim her personal publication represents the Forbes entity and management  as she explicitly wrote in her announcement on January 31, 2015 calling for nomination and that result would be announced in March 2015, “In March,  I will publish the 2015 list of the “10 Most Powerful Men in Africa”- did not inferred that her personal publication was that of Forbes.

It is yet to comprehend how would a protégé Senator Weah, handlers and officials of Liberia’s leading opposition party could not do due diligence contacting the publisher to affirm what they perceived and won’t had to flush the a misunderstood information to the public prompting Senator Weah himself to congratulate the Forbes in one of his country’s leading newspaper, FrontpageAfrica for his preferment when in fact it had nothing to do with Farai Gundan’s personal views and perception which the management disclaimed from the onset.

This latest embarrassment is just another cue of mis-information huddle Liberia’s opposition leader and his party have to deal with as just he currently in the United States with a seventeen-man delegation and purported the delegation came to the United States to hold high level discussion with the United States government, including meeting U S Congress, Congressional Black Caucus but turned out to fruitless as they delegation only met the Desk Officer for Liberia at the U S State Department and after U S State Department was contacted to confirm the delegation’s meeting, the State Department told media institutions they were not aware of any such meetings but perhaps it they might had asked for meeting with an official but there was no such meeting on the Department’s official daily schedule.

Officials of the Liberian government from the opposition party Congress for Democratic Change too were lapsed in confirming the purported Forbes’ publication as a party stalwart and militant, Representative Acarous Moses Gray wrote on his Facebook page in his reaction to the reports-“While Facebook attention-seekers are tearing down this son of the soil, credible international group like Forbes has graded Senator Weah among the ’10 Most Powerful Men in Africa’ 2015. More to come as we make more breakthrough. Watch and see what the Lord has done”.

Senator Weah, his handlers and protégés as well as political party are yet to clarify the mis-information spewed to the Liberian public and apologize for their mistakes.


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