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Liberia’s Presidential Hopeful, Benino Urey’s Campaign Threatens Editor for Publishing Editor’s Note


The Editor of “The New Dispensation” an online newspaper in the United States has been threatened  by the campaign of a Liberia’s Presidential hopeful, Benoni Urey for lifting and publishing the Editor’s Note of  “The Hill”, U S Congress’s newspaper in which the Liberian businessman wrote an article on his vision for a new model relationship between his country and United States. The Hill newspaper however inserted Editor’s Note revealing that according to the U S Treasury website, Mr Urey government placed Mr Urey on its “Specially Designated National”  and blocks his assets and no U.S. Person should deal with him.

The threat against the Editor was made on social media, specifically, Facebook yesterday under one of Mr Urey’s social media campaign groups- “ReadytomakeLiberiabetter”, warning the Editor, J K K Peah

J K K Peah

that if he publishes any story which they consider “against Mr Urey”, they will publically disgrace the Editor. The campaign went further to accuse the publisher of publishing lies about Mr Urey.

Two days before the publication of  The Hill'” Editor’s Note ‘The New Dispensation’s Edit received credible information that Mr Henry Costa, Al-Hussien Fadiga, and Ashford Garley, officials of Mr Urey United States campaign were discussing how they were looking for the Editor and complaining that Mr Urey “pressure had gone up” and he is extremely worried about the stories the Editor carry in the paper which he believes are destroying his campaign and chance for the Presidency.

What is unfortunate of the threat against the Editor is that these three officials of Mr Urey’s United States campaign are themselves in the media. Mr. Al- Hussien Fadiga runs the TMZ  online radio in Minnesota while Mr Henry Costa host one of Liberia’s top provocative talk shows and was imprisoned by President Sirleaf’s government for his advocacy against the vices of his country. Mr Costa has since moved to the United States and runs his talk show from there. For Mr.  Garley, he is a long time media practitioner who worked as a broadcast journalist in Liberia but relocated to the United States many years.

It is puzzling that these media practitioners will put their practice aside for their presidential preference above the of their country and practice though on the other hand they continue to use their media platforms to persistently and intentionally go after other potential candidates who they believe pose threat to Mr Urey’s Presidency.

The New Dispensation is not a propaganda tool but platform where when the news is made, it is reported just as the newsmakers made it. It is ironic how the Urey campaign would take issue with Editor of “The New Dispensation” for lifting The Hill Editor’s Note. Why don’t they take issue with the United States government that placed Mr Urey on the Specially Designate National list and the U S Treasury Department for publishing the list on their website.

No threat will frighten the Editor of this paper but will continue to publish free from bias, hate, and intentional mindset to purposefully destroy anyone or group which is counter productive to it principles an


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  1. The revelation of threats being communicated is very uncool. You have reported actual FACTS that are verifiable and are “public” record. It is not for us to resolve the issues, only the parties involved can do that.

    I dislike the fact that the USA is once again interfering in another sovereign countries internal affairs, but that is what they tend to do as history has shown. Liberia is NOT an American colony, and the manner in which the country was founded shows there was valid reason for it’s founding.

    I have been considering relocation to Liberia for business reasons primarily, but this throws up a large red flag for me…


  2. You have been threatened? Really?? SMGDH at such foolishness…


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