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U.S. Congressman, Donald Payne, Jr Says LIAFO is Model for Fostering Relationship Between Two Nations


United States Congressman Donald Payne, Jr  paid tribute to the Liberia-America Friendship Organization, an institution fostering U S-Liberia relations and historical friendly ties on its 14th Annual Gala is a model fostering relationship between two nations.”

In the Congressman Payne’s letter  ” Tribute to Liberia-America Friendship Organization”, the United States Congressman from New Jersey  10th Congressional District lauded LIAFO saying “it gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Liberia-America Friendship Organization on the 14th Annual Gala on August 15, 2015”.

The Congressman tribute  further said “LIAFO has made several contributions to the community  and serves as a model in fostering relationship between two nations.

Congressman Payne tribute to LIAFO  said, “I am also pleased to extend my warm greetings and congratulations to this year’s Keynote Speaker along with this year’s distinguished honorees Dr. Kent Brantly, Ms Nancy Writebol, Ms Fatu Kekula, Samaritan’s Purse, SIM-USA and my long time friend, Michael Gray.

The New Jersey Congressman tribute further said “I also want to commend tonight the Ebola Heroes remind us to stay vigilant to never give up the fight against the disease that has taken so many lives.

Congressman Donald Payne, Jr recounts the organization purpose of existence as saying “LIAFO is a non-for-profit organization fostering US-Liberia relations and historical friendly ties bonding United States and Liberia. LIAFO was originally founded in Liberia in 1999 to promote social and economic development between Liberians and Americans”.

“It is fitting that tonight  distinguished honorees are recognized for their work to fight and eradicate Ebola. Last year I convened an Ebola task force and worked with the Obama administration on appropriating money to fight this deadly virus. I was successful in getting temporary protection status for visiting Liberians expedited ” the Congressman tribute lamented.

The United States Congressman’s tribute concluded, saying, “Again, I am pleased to congratulate the LIAFO organization and its honorees past and present for your noble and honorable community service. I wish you all continued success in the future.

The Liberia-America Friendship Organization Gala Banquet was held on August 15, 2015 outside Philadelphia where the organization also bestowed Honorary membership on the honorees as well as the Award Presenter, Dougbeh Chris Nyan, MD as honorary members of the LIAFO organization.


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