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Special Spotlight: Kamara & Allison Vision to Take ULAA From the Abyss


J. Shiwoh Kamara and Nee Allison are two of some Liberia’s brightest in the Liberian Diaspora community in the United States who  and are vying for the leadership of the Union of Liberian Association in the Americas (ULAA), an umbrella organization of the Liberian Diaspora community in the united States.

Mr. J. Shiwoh Kamara is contesting for the Presidency while his running mate, Nee Allison, a top notch intellectual and firebrand within the Liberian Diaspora community  is contesting for the Vice Presidency and are both determined to take ULAA from the abyss.

The two astute Liberians’ vision is to take the scarf of destruction-prone perception Liberians in the Diaspora and in the homeland have for ULAA as the organization has lost its place in the Diaspora community and lacks the relevance to play meaningful role in the Diaspora community and their homeland,  Liberia.

That ULAA will not be used as a stooge for power-run hungry Liberians in the Diaspora who use the organization as a pawn to attain attractive positions in the Liberian government while the needs of the community left undone.

Team Kamara & Allison is resolute in their stance to reclaim and build ULAA true purpose- to serve the Liberian Diaspora community  rather than running the institution as a closed friendship club meant for few friends and those elite friends pass the leadership mantle to the next pre-selected friends as the rest of the candidates are from that elite club after they decided in their the basements of those few elite friends they chosen while have successfully taken away the organization from the Liberians Diaspora unto themselves for their selfish desire at the expense of the community.

The Kamara & Allison team vows to take ULAA back from the band of few friends  who have taken ownership of the organization and again want to impose unto the Liberian Diaspora community another type of leadership from within their clique.

Team Kamara & Allison argues Liberians heading to the polls this Saturday or if not a voter but prevail on your relatives and friends whom are delegates and would vote, to cast their ballot in the interest of their country and not vote for three of the other candidates, all of whom have been in the leadership of ULAA for years and done nothing to revive the organization to serve the purpose of its birth and that is  to serve the Liberian Diaspora community and not use the institution as a launched pad for landing a job in the Liberian government.

Team Kamara-Allison vow to fundamentally retool ULAA to become attractive again for the people for whom it was founded and serve its true purpose of existence and not for the institution to be misused to serve the selfish desire of individuals.

Team Kamara & Allison calls on Liberians in the United States to take back their organization and reclaim its true purpose by voting for J. Shiwoh Kamara and Nee Allison, they are representation of the new breed of Liberian leadership Liberian Diaspora communities and country are yearning for.

This time, as Liberians in the Diaspora Liberian community in the United States go to the polls this Saturday in philaddelphia, Pennsylvania, let their votes give birth to a new generation of leadership that will serve as a gold standard in leadership.



Friends of Team Kamara & Allison!


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