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Mali Terrorist Attack Must Caution Africa Not Elect to Terrorist -Friendly Gov’ts

The Africa continent is far beyond development despite its enormous natural and cultural resources but in spite Africaof lagging behind the rest of the world, the continent must confront the new trend sweeping across the continent where extremists and vicious narrow minded Africans are inflicting self destruction on the continent by importing an elusive ideology on the continent to kill fellow Africans and foreign friends and instill fear on the African continent.

After Boko Haram’s attack in Nigeria killing several Africans, gunmen stormed a Malian hotel and held hostage peaceful people who were meeting to bring peace to that conflict ravage country.

While the African continent is lagging behind and many of its citizens rather run away  from it the continent to seek better opportunities in foreign land in the West because there is no appetite from  African governments to seek the wellbeing of their people but would rather ransack their countries resources and leave the continent desolate.

Mali attack which followed by Paris terrorist attack must send a strong message to the people of Africa to  stand up against extremism and the elusive ideology of terrorism as the continent is already far beyond development as well as use their most power tool of vote to decide the type of governments and leaders that will lead them, ones that will not be a magnet or seen as apathetic by terrorists when a leader’s trail and track record are rooted in the likelihood of being prone to the kinds of activities of terrorism.

Africans must stand up and vehemently face up these ugly and destructive ideologies of those destructive elements of the continent who are championing extremism and terrorism.

Africa is the final frontier, and that frontier is about to explore as the continent is on the rise and can not afford to allow fringe citizens of the continent direct the course of the continent with destruction now manifested in their evil activities and roaming the continent from their destruction in Kenya to Tanzania and now to Nigeria and Mali.

One country  and people of the African continent that must  take into serious perspective is the little West African nation of Liberia which is viewed in the eyes of the continent, the closest of America on the continent and now fragile after years of civil war leaving a non existent security infrastructure and volatile population couple with an entrenched corrupt government and a collapse economy and 85% of its people unemployed with a fascinatingly with 62% of its population being young but are jobless and seem to have no hope and future.

Owing to Liberia’s high unemployment  rate and lack of opportunities, the wealthy few who gained the wealth by  absconding the public coffers and responsible for the destruction of the country, are exploiting the condition they forced the young people to live in by enticing them with the loot they took from the public coffers and are maneuvering to shoot their way to the country’s highest office as the country brace for election in 2017.

Liberia will have themselves to blame and create a menace to the world when that nation goes to the polls in 2017 to elect a new President and a candidate whose trail and tracks can be traced to activities reminiscent of terrorism knowing that in the accumulation of their wealth and activities they aligned themselves and did business with international criminals many of whom are ravaging prisons is elected President to run the country in the face of rise of terrorism in Africa and around the world.

Liberia and Africa should not elect leader or government that has a semblance and trace who extremists and terrorists could find in a friend and in the long round infiltrate the porous Liberian nation and try to use it as it hotbed and soft target to inflict their elusive and destructive ideology knowing the country’s proximity to Western precepts especially the united States, the country’s shadowed pseudo colonial master.










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