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Liberia: Presidential Hopeful, Benoni Urey Makes First Foreign Tour, Aides Say, Leaves for Belgium on Monday




Former Maritime Commissioner of Liberia and confidante war crime convict Charles Taylor, Mr. Benoni Urey turned politician who is running for President of Liberia in 2017 is making his first foreign tour since sanction on his country was lifted by the United States government through executive recently

The  disclosure of Mr. Urey’s first foreign visit in recent times by Mr.  Alexander Walpoe,   closed Aide during his appearance on the teleconference of the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy in Liberia.

Mr. Walpoe told the attendees on the teleconference he will fly to Liberia to join the  Presidential aspirant and where they will  take off Brussels on Monday, December 7th for an international conference in Brussels, Belgium and thereafter Mr Urey will depart for Canada to attend his daughter’s graduation on December 13th.

According Mr. Walpoe, the former Liberian Maritime Chief will climax his trip when he addresses the United States Chamber of Commerce and visit with family and friends in the United States before departing for Liberia.

Mr Urey’s trip abroad is yet to seen as reality  and if  made, it would test the will of the consequences of his involvement with breaking United Nations arms embargo and if he can pass security clearance and not be flagged as flight risk or an Interpol red warrant won’t take him into custody for his long wrap sheet linking him to a deep hole of international network of terror well documented by United Nations Security Council and other international institutions for r arms dealings  along with the notorious “Merchant of Death”, Viktor Bout and his associate Sanjivan Ruprah, a  Kenyan national and arms dealing partner to Viktor Bout who also served as Deputy Commissioner under Mr Urey and Liberia’s representative global for aviation worldwide and issued two Liberian diplomatic passports with two separate names.

One of  Mr Sanjivan Ruprah’s diplomatic passports with his deputy Commissioner of Maritime title carried his true name while  the other diplomatic passport bearing the title of Liberia’s representative for Global Aviation Worldwide identified him  with the  fake name  Samir Nasr.   He was arrested in Brussels but fled to Italy and was arrested and returned to Brussels  where he was on charged of arms dealing and possession of false passport.

In response to this paper’s inquiry for  the United States Treasury  Department to clarify the Executive Order issued by President of Obama on the lifting of sanction on Liberia as to whether Mr Urey and others who breached the sanction were pardoned by the lifting of the sanction on Liberia,  said “the two individuals that still been held for arms trafficking are Mr. Viktor Bout and Sanjivan Ruprah but we are not in the position to comment on the applicability of  U S measures to any particular individual”.

A source at U S Department of Treasury Financial Intelligence Unit speaking on anonymity said, “I can’t speak for actions these individuals outside of the sanction list” .












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