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Human Rights Groups & Activists Lobby for Arrest of War Crime Convict, Charles Taylor’s Confidante, Benoni Urey


The man believed to be the money man of war crime convict Charles Taylor  serving a fifty  years prison sentence for war crime and crimes against humanity, Mr.  Benoni Urey who is currently visiting Canada could be arrested or stopped from leaving Canada and face prosecution for his role in the Liberian  civil conflict if the Canadian government honors request from human rights groups and activists to arrest and prevent the war convict’s confidante from leaving Canada and turn over to face prosecution on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, arms trafficking and breaking of United Nations arms embargo as well as been accomplice to Viktor Bout’s arms dealing ring.

Classified information coming from the human rights groups and activists  lobbying the Canadian government and international community to have Mr. Urey arrested disclosed  on anonymity that they have contacted the Canadian Intelligence Service  and the Intelligence Service informed them that they have forwarded their  request to the Royal Canadian Mount Police.

The effort to have Mr. Urey arrested, the rights groups and activists revealed, is a joint undertaking between human rights groups and activist in Europe and United States.

According to the rights groups and activists, they have also contacted the Canadian Department of Justice’s Bureau of war crimes and crimes against which request information on  war crimes and  crimes against humanity as well as perpetrators.

The groups say they have also sent out alerts to Interpol and other security institutions informing them of Mr. Urey’s presence in Canada and pray he be arrested and prevented from leaving Canada and face prosecution.

A human rights activist  who is part of the effort to arrest Mr. Urey say they are worried that the wealthy Liberian businessman could slip out of the country as early as tomorrow and he could leave for Liberia before the bureaucratic procedure that has to  be exerted to effect their request  if the Canadian government agrees to their request and would miss a golden opportunity for Mr. Urey to account for his crimes.

The Liberian businessman traveled to the Canada last Friday to attend the graduation of his daughter and his trip is the first visit to the West since the United Nations lifted travel ban on him and the United States subsequently removal of sanction on Liberia last month.

Mr. Urey’s trip was previously scheduled take him to Brussels and then to Canada and finalizing his foreign visit in the United States before returning home but it was shrink to only include Canada.

No explanation was given for the shrinking he Liberian potential Presidential candidate’s travel itinerary who flew to Canada via South Africa rather than Ghana, the closet Canadian Embassy post near Liberia.







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  1. Hahahahaha….Peah, which human rights groups in Europe and the United States are you referring to? Are these human rights groups also begging for anonymity? Look, my brother, if you are opposed to Urey traveling, just go ahead and write about that. But your assertion that there are human rights groups in the US and Europe in the joint effort to have Mr. Urey arrested, but you are refusing to name them can only amount to lies. Issues like this are name-making for human rights groups. I see no reason why they are keeping their names away.


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