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Coca-Cola Executive, Alex Cummings Retires: Sets Eyes On Liberia’s Presidency But Immigration Authorities Say He’s Not Liberian


Coca-Cola Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Alexander Cummings retires on March 31, 2016, according to a release from the company  on December 9, 2016 after 18 years of service.

Though retiring from the corporate world, the Coca-Cola Executive is not yet done but sets to adventure into the public sector as he eyes the Presidency of his native country, Liberia in that West African nation’s Presidential   and general elections in 2017.

The Coca-Cola Executive is yet to make a public announcement of his intention to run for President of his native country in 2017 though all signs have pointed to him having the ambition by  his many public appearances and speeches delivered before various groupings of his Liberian diaspora communities and homeland, he is already being met with stiff resistance.

A local Liberian newspaper, “Daily Observer” reported recently  in its December 22, 2015 publication that immigration authorities in the country confirmed that the Coca-Cola Executive is not a Liberian citizen under the immigration laws of the country learning that he publicly  admitted in a Liberian town hall meeting in the United States last September to carrying  United States passport and therefore is not qualified to contest for public office in Liberia under the constitution and election laws of the country.

The local Liberian newspaper say they sorted the clarification from the Liberian Immigration authorities to reconcile Mr Cummings’ quest for political leadership of his country and his public pronouncement of also having a United States citizenship by possessing a United States passport, emphasizing that the Coca -Cola Executive will face an uphill battle from the onset of his campaign as several civic groups will challenge his eligibility before the National Election Commission and the courts.

The Daily Observer publication notes that Mr Cummings sincerity about his United states citizenship, is worth emulating but his honesty open a Pandora box that could jeopardize his ambition and vision for the country though it is an open secret that the Liberian government is saturated with many officials with American citizenship  or other second country citizenship that they camouflage to dishonestly conform to the laws of the country that no person with citizenship a of second country can serve in public service.





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