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Mayor Mary Broh Responds: Calls ALP Chairman Lomax, a “Miscreant and Allegation, Trash”

MONROVIA– Former Monrovia City Mayor Mary Broh who now heads the Liberian government’s General Service Agency has sharply reacted to allegation levied against her by an opposition  party  Chairman  Emmanuel of the All Liberians Party allegation levied against her, describing the Chairman as a “Miscreant and his Allegation, Trash”.
In an email response, Ms. Broh, the former Mayor and confidante of President Ellen Johnson  categorically denied Mr Lomax’s allegation, asserting that at no time did she  reveal and or discuss  or disclose anything with the opposition chairman, let alone Mr Lomax’s assertion that she confided in him and disclosed that the true reason behind the resignation of the country’s former Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan is diametrically inconsistent with his public statement that he left the government because of  ‘restriction of “Code of Conduct” on the country’s upcoming 2017 elections but revealed he was forced to quit the government for “embezzling millions of dollars from the “Japanese Fund” and that President Sirleaf accepted his resignation on the basis of “saving the former Foreign Minister embarrassment”.
In her response, Ms Broh said, ” I have never been involved in such conversation with anyone including Mr. Emmanuel Lomax…President Sirleaf and I have had no such conversation because it borders on criminality..” insisting that “such claims are wholly false and downright malicious.”
The GSA Director further  averred  that the Liberian “political space is becoming increasingly infested with miscreants and mischief makers who imagine politics to be a game of lies and deceptions”- underscoring that “some,  like the so-called Mr. Lomax are now taking to foreign lands to spread  their falsehoods and believing that they are out of reach of our hearing and response.”
Former Mayor Broh concluded in her response that  Mr. Lomax’ statement is “a cowardly, thoughtless and witless lie,” and  she will not ask him to prove his statement because she “knows that he cannot do so”- “it simply did not happen.”
Ms Broh’s reaction comes in wake of a publication carried by this outlet last week that an opposition party Chairman, Emmanuel Lomax told a townhall meeting he hosted recently outside Philadelphia in the United States that she confided in him at which time she disclosed to him the country’s former Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan did not resigned from the government on grounds of “restriction on Code of Conduct” but instead he resigned  due to embezzlement  and that the President accepted his resignation to save him embarrassment.


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