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Liberia: Minister Amara Konneh Leaves Finance, Goes to World Bank for H-Level Post

wettee13Liberia’s Finance Minister Amara Konneh,  leaves to take up new assignment shortly at the world Bank with station in Nairobi, Kenya.

According to credible information affirmed by sources with the World Bank and Mr. Konneh’s affirmation to associates who are  covered with anonymity, the third post-war Liberian Finance Minister will be taking up assignment soon as Manager for Fragility and Post-Conflict with the World Bank, Nairobi post.

Whispers at the World Bank echoes among that financial world body  confirm that they are  mesmerized to an extend they can not that they can not  comprehend how and why a country’s Finance Minister would accept a lower level H post at the World Bank and not even  a Director post to some how compensate for his high grade post as Finance Minister of a country.

“Tradition would  automatically place a country’s Finance  Minister among the high echelon of financial world body like the World Bank but   Minister Konneh’s acceptance of Manager post for Fragility and Post-Conflict scorns that tradition and it  baffles his peers within the financial circles as to his logic of accepting a lower level H post at the World Bank with station in Nairobi, Kenya”, confidential source revealed.


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