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Liberia: For Failure to Pay Child Support, “Arrest Warrant” Awaits Opposition Leader & Senator George Weah in the United States


The opposition leader of Liberia’s largest opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change and soccer icon turned politician, Senator George Weah could face arrest when he enters on the soil of the United States.

According to information confirmed by confidantes and Aides as well as protégé of the football icon and opposition leader, an ex- mistress filed a child support lawsuit against the Liberian Senator for failure to pay child support  for his child in the amount of about $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars).

A former confidante and partisan of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change-CDC who is also a closed  friend to the Senator’s former mistress, confirmed seeing the court’s papers and copy of the arrest she filed and issued by the court  in the state of Georgia where the Senator’s wed locked child lives.

The confidante also revealed that Senator Weah informed the court through his Virginia Lawyer  in his response to the child support charges  that he makes a monthly income of $USD 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred United States dollars) as a Liberian Senator.

“We’ve been talking to her to take the case out of court but she is refusing and says she will not take the case out of court”, the former confidante of Senator Weah and closed friend of the Senator’s former mistress revealed.

Senator Weah’s former confidante also confirmed that the Senator narrowly dodged arrest after a tip-off when he was about to take off for the United States on his way from a FIFA Conference where he was part of the Liberian football delegation for the official filing of the country’s football chairman bid for the Presidency of FIFA and he had to re-route to head back to Liberia.

The opposition leader who partially lives in the United States has yet to come to the United States since the “Arrest Warrant” was issued late last year including the Christmas and holiday seasons.

This outlet has contacted the Senator through his Aide for his response to the report but they showed no interest of opening communication between the Senator’s office and this outlet but instead they appealed to the outlet not to publish the story because it will be damaging to the Senator.

The opposition leader’s former confidante and partisan further revealed that the mistress’ lawyer of the state of Georgia refuses to recognize Senator Weah’s Lawyer from the state of Virginia because he is not licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia.




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