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Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari Is “Africa’s Person of the Year 2015”


As “The New Dispensation” commemorate seven years of online news reporting, management is pleased to announce winner of its “Africa’s Person of the Year 2015”.

Nigeria’s President Mumammadu Buhari  of Nigeria is the winner of The New Dispensation’s “Africa’s Person of the Year 2015” Award.

President Buhari was selected among a slate of three candidates for his unapologetic commitment to fighting corruption in his country, a cancer that has crippled the full potential of that oil-rich African nation and largest population of over 170 million people.

President Buhari’s commitment to face-off corruption and not a mere pronounciation is a manifestation of distinguished President who wants to take Nigeria from the abyss of corruption and human degradation to its full potential, its rightful place where all Nigerians can enjoy the enormous wealth of their beautiful country.

The management of “The New Dispensation” is proud therefore to announce President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria as winner of its “Africa’s Person of the Year 2015” Award.

This Award is the first of its kind and President Buhari is the first winner  awarded annually to Africans who have demonstrated oustanding work in the upliftment of the their country, continent, and people.

Congratulations President Buhari, we wish you success in your fight to stamp out corruption in your country and raising the living standard of your people- a selfless endeavour not accustomed to African leaders who  would rather pillage the wealth of the country and while their people lanquish in poverty.

Your success in your fight will unravel a new African continent that will follow your path to stamping out the continent’s archenemy of corruption, the sole impediment to the continent’s lacking behind other continents.



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