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Liberia: “Don’t Blame Opposition Lawmakers for Taking Bribes But President Sirleaf Who Provides the Bribes”, Opposition Secretary General Asserts



Mr. Janga Augustus Kowo, Secretary General of the biggest opposition party in Liberia, the Congress for Democratic Change-CDC has confirmed his party lawmakers in the country’s Legislature take bribes but asserts  those opposition lawmakers can not be blamed for accepting bribes but President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf who provides the bribes to the lawmakers.

The opposition Secretary General made the stunning confirmation yesterday evening on a teleconference-style forum- “Destiny Debaters” where he served as guest  in response to attendees  questioning of his party’s performance specifically,  his party lawmakers who  believed have taken bribes and therefore no better than the ruling Unity party government.

Mr Kowo  refutes allegation by speakers on the forum that his party also shares the failure of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government considering the party failure to work  and cooperate  with lawmakers from other parties.

Pushing back on questions from speakers asking the opposition Secretary General to name any two people-driven bills his party has sponsored and passed, Mr. Kowo said his party is not in the majority in the Liberian Legislature alluding that the issues in Liberia and failure of the Sirleaf government is not about more laws  because the country has enough  laws but the failure of the executive to implement the laws.

Countering Mr Kowo’s logic, several speakers told the opposition Secretary General that the essence of legislating is cooperating and working with lawmakers from the other  side and lobby for  passage of a bills into law and that legislating does not mean holding a majority before anything can be done. The speakers further lectured the opposition Secretary General that one person can stand for a cause and rally other lawmakers around that cause for passage of that cause into law, noting even if that cause is defeated, the party or opposition lawmaker would be on record to have stood for a cause but regrettably that is not the case with the opposition party in the Liberian Legislature.

The opposition Secretary lamented that he does not understand why Liberians are  casting share of blame of the failure of the Sirleaf government on his party when it is the ruling party that has executive power and controls everything.

Several speakers also informed Mr Kowo that his party Standard Bearer, Senator George Weah is in the Senate and as the biggest political in the country, he could use his leverage to peddle people-driven legislations and galvanize other lawmakers around those causes  therefore, the failure of his party in the legislature does not put that institution in the position better to replace the ruling Unity Party in the country’s upcoming 2017 election because the party is as a failure and corrupt as President Sirleaf’s government.

The opposition Secretary General however promises his party when given power in 2017 will bring prosperity to his country  on the foundation of his party’s “five pillars of prosperity”.






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