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OBITUARY: Celebrating the Peaceful Passing of Mary Gboh Peah



June 19, 1927- February 27, 2016


The Peah and Morgan Families regret to announce the peaceful home going of Mary Gboh Peah, “Bigma”  as she was affectionately called, on February 27, 2016 at the blissful age of 89 years at Mariam Hospital in Rhode Island, United States of America.

The late Mary Gboh Peah was blessed with seven children, including Michael Peah, Oliver Peah (pre-deceased) Mercy Peah, Augustus Peah, Mercy Peah, Nathan Peah (pre-deceased) Marinda Peah, Grace Peah, and Sheila Barnes as well as two of whom pre-deceased her.

Bigma was step mother to 46  children, over 100 step grand, great grand and great,  grand children. Three step children pre-deceased her including Mle Peah, David Peah and Regina Peah.

The late Mary Gboh Peah met her late husband Solomon Dioh Peah, former Labor Manager of Cavalla Firestone, Maryland county, Liberia at her earlier age.

The late Mary Gboh Peah was a longtime resident of Evansville, Gedetarbo, Maryland County, Liberia and moved to Monrovia in 1957 and live in Cooper Farm, and Westpoint, Monrovia.

Bigma also resided in Sugar Beach, near Bonja in Paynesville outside Monrovia.

In 1990, the late Mary Gboh Peah moved to the United States and resided in Providence, Rhode Island.

Bigma was the third child of seven siblings, including Edward Morgan, Samuel Morgan, Martha Morgan, Aunty Nyenti Morgan, and James Morgan.

The late Mary Gboh Peah attended the St. Theresa Convent School in Monrovia, Liberia.

Bigma touched many lives and was a devoted Christian whose passion for serving God led her to establish a church in Providence, Rhode Island where she served as Minister after been ordained by the Primate of Nigeria of the Church of the Lord Aladura.

Bigma will truly be missed by the many lives she touched including the many adopted children in Liberia and  the United States.


Wake Keeping & Funeral: April 2, 2016

Time: 11 am- 5 pm. EST
Venue: All Saints Episcopal Church
674 Westminister Street

Providence, Rhode Island

United States
Body Departs for Liberia:  April 3, 2016


Wake Keeping: April 8, 2016

                                     Venue: Maryland Forest, Sugar Beach, Paynesville, Liberia.
Time: 8:00 pm
Funeral Services: April  9, 2016
Venue: Immanuel Church, S D Cooper Road, Paynesville

Time: 10:00 am

To sympathize with the families:

Michael Peah………. (401) 699-5386
Augustus Peah……… (401)347-3937
Mercy Peah…………… (401)808-4960
Marinda Peah………… (401)696-7931
Sheila Barnes…………… (401)390-8072

          J. K K Peah …………(267)318-5043


Michael Peah, Augustus Peah, Mercy Peah, Marinda Peah,  and Sheila Barnes, children of the deceased and the Peah, Morgan and Swengbe families


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