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Breaking the Law & Possible Jail Time: How Alexander Cummings, A U S Citizen Got Liberian Passport?


By: J K K Peah


Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, a retired Coca Cola CFO/CAO who left cocoa cola worldwide late last year and gone into retirement has emerged from retirement less than six months and resurrected in the tiny West African nation of Liberia his country of nativity  running for President in the country’s  2017 election.

The Coca Cola executive’s public pronouncement of being a United States citizens, meaning he acquired United States citizenship through naturalization, thus automatically forfeiting his Liberian citizenship under the constitution and  Aliens and Nationality law and ineligible for Liberian passport but must obtain a Liberian visa before entering the country.

Contrary to the Aliens and Nationality laws of Liberia, Mr Cummings revealed on state own radio, ELBC that he holds a Liberian passport and read  the passport number on  air and physically showed it  to his host who was conducting the interview.

The million dollars question is how did and could Mr Alexander Cummings, the Coco Cola Executive obtained Liberian passport and is asserting Liberian citizenship and is running for President of that West African nation when he is a United States citizen by his public  admission making him ineligible for Liberian passport and participating in the country’s politics let alone running for President under the country’s constitution, Aliens and Nationality Laws and election laws.

Mr Cummings possession of Liberian passport and public assertion of being a Liberian citizen is fraud and said passport was obtained by knowingly providing false and misleading information as well as lying to immigration officers by providing false documentation upon entry into the country, a serious felony and among the many criminal charges he could under the Aliens and Nationality   Law of Liberia as stipulated below:

§ 5.21. Fraudulent visas or other documents permitting entry.
Any person who falsely or fraudulently makes or obtains for himself or another a visa, reentry permit, landing card, border crossing identification card, or other document permitting entry into Liberia, or any person who uses such a document knowing it to have been falsely or fraudulently obtained shall be subject to a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.74

The Coco Cola executive possession of Liberian passport though a United states citizen  automatically disqualifies him from participating the country’s politics and bars him  from running for public office and taking part in the country’s politics. s

Mr Cummings’ legal hurdles could come in four circles as soon his party submit his official documents to the National Election  Commission as leader of his political party if not his candidacy to contest the 2017 election and could face jail time for fraud and violating  the Aliens and Nationality Laws  and  extinguishing his Presidential ambition.

The Alternative national Congress (ANC)  under whose  flagship Mr Cummings intends to propel his Presidential ambition could be sanctioned by National Election Commission for knowingly allowing a United States citizen lead the party and intent to field him as Presidential candidate in a Liberian election.

Click  below  for the Aliens and Nationality Law of Liberia:




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