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Liberia: Former Auditor General, John Morlu Breaks Silence on KNAO’s Audit Report: Writes Audit Commission Urging to Publish Findings For Transparency and Integrity


By: J K K Peah


United States- Five years after his departure from the General Auditing Commission as Auditor General, Liberia’s anti-corruption crusader John Morlu finds himself in crossfire in a peer review audit conducted by the Kenya National Audit Office (KNAO) at the bequest of the Liberian National Legislature whose findings ambiguously  seems to cast doubt his professional performance and integrity of the GAC the built from “dust” to household name and gained national and international admiration.

In his attempt  to respond to news stories  carried in several Liberian news outlets on the Audit Report, the former Auditor General has written the General Auditing Commission saying   “I am writing to request from you a copy of the said audit report and also request that the entire report be published. It does not matter whether it is draft form or final report”.

“More than five years ago, I departed the General Auditing Commission. I have read multiple news outlets that an audit of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) was commissioned and subsequently conducted by Kenya’s National Audit Office. It is reported that the audit covers six years period, including about a year of the time I served as Auditor General of Liberia: John Morlu’s term, Winsley Nanka’s term, Robert Kilby’s term and Yusador Gaye’s term”, the former Auditor General said in the opening paragraph of  of his letter to the Commission.

Mr Morlu continues in his letter as saying, “as the person who built the GAC, I have come to represent the face of that great institution of Government. Fair enough! I know that any mention of GAC hundred years from now, would still mention me and my staff, since we built that great institution from the dust and firth of oblivion, dysfunction and paralysis to a household name of public sector accountability. I am duly honored that Liberians have continued to see the GAC through the prism of the work we did while I served as Auditor General”.

The former Liberian Auditor General further caution the Commission noting that “professionally, since a part of my period was included and lumped into the subsequent periods after my departure, it would be the fair and right thing for you to have sent a draft copy for my review and comment. This is required and accepted auditing standard, whether AICPA, PCAOB, or INTOSAI Standards. That is however, a mute point since it was not done, and you will not get a complain from me at all because I believe that in the end the public discussion about the GAC will reignite the issues of public sector accountability and transparency”.

Mr Morlu  concluded in his letter noting, ” I am a strong believer in public sector transparency and accountability and this is why I want you to immediately publish the entire audit so as to give Liberians a chance to see what transpired at the GAC and also for me to have an opportunity to respond for the sake of the men and women of integrity who worked with me at the GAC and for the millions of Liberians who have come to believe in what we did for Liberia at the GAC. As a public servant, I am accountable to each and every Liberian and I owe each Liberian an explanation and presentation of nothing but the facts and truths. Madam Auditor General, as the main proponent and one of the main architects of the Public Financial Management Act (2009), I ensured that Auditor Generals will never again hide audit report from the people of Liberia. So I fought and succeeded in putting in the law the timely publication of audit reports”.


Click for original copy of Morlu’s Letter: GAC AUDIT REQUEST LETTER FOR AG AND DAG (1)




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