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“Come and See the Man Who Told Me Everything About Liberia Including Ebola”, He’s Again Warning Liberians to Repent


J. K K Peah



He is known as a prolific Liberian radio journalist and media executive who now heads the Rahman Christian Radio as Chief Executive Officer, an online Christian radio station in the United States but what many do not know about this prolific radio journalist and media Executive, Jeroy  Cummings, he is an Evangelist and prophet who God is using in these end times.

Like the Samaritan woman in the Book of John 4:1-18 of the New Testament of the Bible, when she went to the well to draw water and Jesus told her everything about herself after he asked her to go and bring her husband and she told Jesus, “I have no husband’ and Jesus said, Well said, you  no husband” for the one you have now is not your husband for you had five husbands and therefore the one you have is not your husband.”

And just as the woman ran to town and called out, “come and see the man who told me everything I have done”, is true about Evangelist Jeroy Cummings who had told me everything that has and is happening in Liberia including the Ebola outbreak that ravaged the country.

It all started in December 2013, when Evangelist Jeroy Cummings in a normal and regular conversation we always have told me that “something catastrophic and fundamental that would shake the foundation and send a shockwave across the world will happen in Liberia but insisted it won’t be  another war a this around s many would think because the country came out of a brutal 14 years of civil war” that end in 2003.

In January, 2014, Evangelist Cummings reiterated his prophecy and told me, “you watch and see, “God is bringing his wrath upon Liberia and a grave calamity will visit Liberia and shake the foundation of the country”.  Evangelist Cummings kept re-echoing his prophecy month after month and the last time he again reminded  me of the pending calamity was early March, 2014.

And just before my own eyes , in  the second week of March of 2014, the Ebola outbreak struck Liberia and two of her neighboring countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone and surely just as Evangelist Cumming prophesied, the outbreak was brutal and threatened the existence of the nation,  sending a shockwave across the world as the epidemic threatened beyond the borders of Liberia to Nigeria, Spain, United States, etc and Liberians  stigmatized around the war.

Evangelist Cummings   told me last year that God was bringing disgrace to Liberian public officials, that  they would be publically disgraced for the wickedness they are engage in. Truly to his prophecy again, the disgrace that has befallen Liberian public officials is beyond comprehension- the Speaker of the Liberian House of Representative, Alexander Tyler and Senator Varney Sherman, a prominent Liberian Lawyer are shamed and indicted for corruption and the Speaker was pressured to recuse himself from running of the affairs of the House of Representative last week after months of standoff and his refusal to rescue himself thereby creating a two-sided leadership in the House with the Deputy Speaker heading  a faction and he insisting he was still in charge of the affairs of the House of Representatives despite a resolution passed by other Representatives rescuing him from running the affairs of the House. His colleagues have vowed to remove him permanently from the Speaker post this week.

The prolific Liberian radio journalist and media executive also prophesied few months before the passing of two Liberian public officials that one of them would die in a foreign hospital and the other would die at home. Barely a month after Evangelist Cummings told me this in a casual conversation as he always did, the Chief of Staff of the Liberian Arm Forces, Col. Eric Dennis died in the country and  Dr. Edwin B. McClain, Jr, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs died in a Pretoria hospital, South Africa on July 23, 2016, both deaths occurring within the same proximity of time.

The Liberian Evangelist who is based in Atlanta Georgia is warning Liberians to repent from their wicked ways and repent or else God’s wrath will visit the nation again and called on the Liberian churches to rise up and speak in one accord on the wickedness in the country,warning if any church or pastor comes in the way by embracing wickedness or wicked people, God will repudiate that church or Pastor.

Evangelist Cummings warns Liberians to repent of the wickedness of  that has characterized the country ranging from gay, lesbianism, public stealing and exploitation of young girls and boys by powerful people and public officials as well as the blatant insensitivity of the abject suffering of the ordinary people while public officials pillage the wealth of the country in grand style and the law plays a blind eye and they live with in honor as the new normal.

The Liberian radio journalist walk with God started as far back before war crime convict Charles Taylor became President of Liberia when he told his church that Charles Taylor would become win Liberia’s 1997 election and become President but would be taken from power by force through another war that would befall the country. The young Evangelist was ex-communicate from his church for prophesying the then Liberian rebel leader would win the 1997 election and become President and another war would come and force him out of power.

Evangelist Cummings has taken his mission unto social media, persistently warning his countrymen and country  as well as the world to repent from the wickedness as evil has taken over his country and the world and young people are so materialistic and all about themselves and wanting things at their customization and set time and not  looking up to the God who is the provider of everything including their very breath. The Evangelist also prophesied last year that more disgrace will befall public officials and politicians and by the 2017 election,  many of the politicians and public officials will be irrelevant be if they do not repent.

The humble Liberian evangelist reveals that the wave of ritualistic killings that swept the country for a period of time but subsided lately is the first wave of ritualistic killings but from now to next July, another wave of ritualistic killings will sweep across country. Evangelist Cummings said the perpetrators of these ritualistic killings are erecting alters in the country to acquire and maintain power and wealth and hypnotized young people and use them at will to put them in the street at anytime to promote their evil agenda-in essence they want to control the young people at will to use them for their selfish political agenda.

The Evangelist warns Liberians that God is about to do something in Liberia that he started already and according to him, as the Book of Job 20:15, those that squandered the  country’s wealth will vomit it as God made the devil vomit out Job’s riches  the devil swallowed it.

Evangelist Cummings warns that not waiting for God’s plan for one’s life but would rather lust after material things at their own set time would lead the to joining all sort of cults and evil societies for these groups use the material things of this world on a fast-track trajectory to entice people from God’s set plan for their lives and would eventually miss on God’s desired plan for their lives and the outcome is serving the devil consciously or unconsciously all because lust of materialism darkened them to God’s plan for their lives.

Evangelist Cummings currently runs an online Prayer Group and the Rahman Christian online radio station and visits churches proclaiming God’s messages to his people to repent from their evil ways and turn to him or else God’s wrath will come upon them and the nations.

The medium and platforms on upon which Evangelist Cummings is proclaiming God’s messages to his people are listed below for anyone interesting in tapping into what God is doing through his servant:

Radio Station: Ramah Christian Radios-http://ramahchristianradios.com

Ramah Christian Radios Prayer Line (University of Faith):

Time-8 pm Est

Participant Code- 712-775-7035

Access Code- 552-567#

Schedule- Monday – Friday

Tel: 229-299-6021




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