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Prominent Liberian Female Lawyer Establishes Legal Services in United States to Meet Her Compatriots’ in the Diaspora Legal Needs in Their Homeland



Authored by:

J K K Peah



Philadelphia-A prominent Liberian female lawyer, Attorney Lois Nimley-Nyenpan, has established the “Liberian & American Legal Services” recently in the United States to meet the legal needs of her fellow compatriots living abroad with legal needs and services in their home country, Liberia.

According to Attorney Lois Nimley-Nyenpan, Chief Executive Officer of the Liberian & American Legal Services, the company will provide legal services to Diaspora Liberians  with legal problems or needs in Liberia but with no legal  Liberian legal entity in the Diaspora to turn to for service and solutions, short-circuited by the barrier of living abroad and do not  have time to navigate the legal process in Liberia as they have to return abroad to their jobs, families and businesses .

The Liberian & American Legal Services”  or  “LIBAM Legal Services” for short, “provides legal representation in criminal and civil cases, Power of Attorney, Immigration, business registration, land purchase, consultancy, among others”, Chief Executive Officer, Lois Nimley-Nyenpan says.

The Chief Executive Officer of LIBAM Legal Services says, her innovation to establishing a legal entity that will service Liberians living abroad in legal matters  and needs in their native country stems from difficulties she sees her fellow citizens living abroad face in finding a legal entity to represent them or provide legal services in their home country as they are  crippled by not having the luxury of time to stay in Liberia and see their cases or service  provided or resolved before returning abroad.

The LIBAM Legal Services Chief Executive Officer also said her entity is meant to serve as the gateway and bridge between Liberians, individuals, groups, businesses and institutions  in the Diaspora have access to legal representation and services in their home country and not impeded by the barriers of living abroad and time constraint.

LIBAM Legal Services is a “one stop shopping” for Liberians living abroad and their access to legal representation and services in Liberia”, Chief Executive Officer Lois Nimley-Nyenpan”, says.

LIBAM Legal Services Chief Executive Officer further emphasized that, her company will be partnering with the best of the best of lawyers and law firms in Liberia including  Cllr. T C Gould of Kemp & Kemp, Cllr. Tewon Gongloe, Negbalee Warner of the Heritage Partners  and Associates, among others to meet her clients’ legal needs.

Chief Executive Officer, Lois Nimley-Nyenpan  says LIBAM Legal Services Liberia’s office will be opened soon in Liberia to serve as operational hub in Liberia and also stressed that the company will also provide legal services in United States with special focus on Liberians with legal needs in United States or other countries, emphasizing that LIBAM Legal Services is providing services to every Liberian, other persons, groups and institutions   with legal needs in Liberia  but is in the Diaspora on one hand and on the other hand also provides services to Liberians, groups, businesses and institutions in Liberia with legal needs in United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and other Parts of Africa .

The LIBAM  Legal Services Chief Executive Officer, Lois Nimley – Nyenpan is an astute Attorney at law in Liberia and served as Lead Counsel to one of Liberia’s biggest commercial banks, EcoBank,  Attorney at the Kemps & Associates Law firm and is  Vice President of the Liberian Female Lawyers Association and candidate for the American Bar Association’s Attorney  At Law Examination. She  obtained her Masters of Law (LLM)  from the Dickinson Law School at Pennsylvania State University in December, 2015 specializing  in “White Collar Crime”.

The LIBAM Legal Services Chief Executive Officer also studied Human Rights at the Kofi Annan International Peackeeping Center, Human Trafficking at Lawyers Without Borders and with the professional skills of  Project Management, Arbitration, Research and Litigation.

Before opening her company, the LIBAM Chief Executive Officer worked at the Gbalazeh Law Firm  and Robert Kraft Law (projects) both  in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

LIBAM  Legal Services is opened for business, says  the Chief Executive Officer and is calling on Liberians, individuals, groups and businesses  in need of legal services to get in touch with offices  immediate work on your needs and services located at:

LIBAM Legal Services

640 South, Apt. O-5

Secane, P A 19018

Tel: (484)494-6769

http://www.libamlegals.com (coming soon)

One observer said, ” LIBAM Legal Services is one of first and very important opportunities Liberians living abroad had longed for because it has been a nightmare for us in the Diaspora to get legal services because being so far from our country and not having the time to be in Liberia to run after any legal problem has, have created a serious problem for us over the years”.

Another observer said ” the establishment of LIBAM Legal Services, breaks the distance and time barriers Diaspora Liberians faced before and is a great relief for us especially in these times where there are so many legal needs facing Liberians living abroad as relatives, friends and other institutions have used the barriers of living abroad and time constraint rob and take disadvantage of Diaspora Liberians of their properties, businesses and others”.










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