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Love or Hate Her: A Presidential Library for Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Must Be Established




President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

   President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf


Authored by:

J K K Peah



Some Liberians may love or hate her and for genuine reasons too, but President Ellen Johnson Presidency is one that will stand out in history for eternity and because of the uniqueness of  her Presidency, whether successful or not, commands the respect for a special place in of  annuals of Liberian history that must be preserved  for posterity and future generation and also showcased which obviously requires the establishment of the “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Library”.

Long after President Sirleaf leaves the Executive Mansion, her Presidency will forever hover over the republic and whether one hates or loves her and despises her leadership, the world will still come to Liberia to take a glimpse of a country that broke the chain and tradition of a man-only leadership in African and setting the pace for even the world most powerful nation and guardian of democracy, the United States to emulate as it poises to electing its first woman President after over 200 years of existence.

Liberia had not preserved its culture and history, creating the impression the country has nothing of essence the world can come  across their borders and countries to come  cross their borders to see which contradicts the enormous history and culture tha characterize the country existence.

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic and democracy , rich in culture, history and enormous plenty but this small West African nation of barely four million people is yet to tap its potential and fulfill the purpose of its founding grounded in the “Liberian Promise”- to be a paradise” on the shores of Africa.

Just as the country after 169 years of existence is yet to show in development the meaning of its nationhood for over a century and half, so the failure to tap into its  riches such as exploring and showcasing its rich history and culture and uniqueness as being the first modern nation and democracy in Africa and electing the first African woman President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will be another mis-opportunity and depriving the African continent of this rich history which the Africa to shares with Liberia as the country is with the confines of the continent.

Every nation’s history is a conglomeration of good and bad but as President George W Bush put it  by paraphrase during the opening of the African-American Museum on Saturday, nations don’t run from its past, they face its flaws-meaning every history is good and bad and no country is perfect.

Liberians maybe divided on the leadership of President  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf or disappointed but one thing every Liberian must be proud to be a Liberian,  is for electing the first woman President  in Africa and that was the achievement that is minted in gold because long after President Sirleaf leaves, that legacy will produce dividend of impressive proportion from generation to generation and bring lorry to the country.

In the spirit of preserving the history, culture and uniqueness of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Presidency whether one agrees with it or not, it is patriotic and in the best interest of the country that the Liberian National Legislature pass a bill establishing the “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Library” and allocates funding to build it.

The Liberian people too,  must rally around this effort because together the country will again break new grounds in Africa and the long economic benefit it will accrue will far exceed the cost because it will boost economy and puts Liberia on the tourism map- the world will come knocking on Liberia to walk the halls and grounds of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Library.

This time, Liberia should get it right and establish the “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Library”.


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