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Madam President!: America, Your First Woman President-Elect, Hillary Rodham Clinton



J K K Peah



Philadelphia, Pa_ The management of the New Dispensation salutes women of United States and women everywhere for breaking the glass ceiling as  tonight United States and the greatest democracy in the world will elect Hillary Rodham Clinton,  the 45th President of the United States.

We salute women around the world and specifically the women of America and the people who will make it happen as  tomorrow morning by this time, the world will change and United States will not be the same with Hillary Rodham Clinton elected the first woman President of America, 200 years after United States was founded for a woman to be elected President.

The New Dispensation celebrates womanhood, the women of America and the tenacity of Hillary Clinton for breaking the glass ceiling and overcoming the  odds, a journey she started over 30 years ago and now comes to fruition to be elected first woman President of the United States.

Soon to be President Hillary Clinton will forever be the woman every born and unborn girl child and woman will see her as a source of strength and inspiration to believe in themselves that despite what odds they may face, not to quit and tenacity to preserve until accomplish their dream comes to fruition.

From all indication in concert with the variables and calculus analyzed by “The New Dispensation” just as was done in 2012 declaring  President Barack Obama to a second term the morning of the election, is again containing this tradition to declare Hillary Rodham Clinton President-elect, 45th President of the United States.

We salute you “Madam President-Elect”, Hillary Rodham Clinton and congratulations to American women and women around  the world!






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